Thursday, August 11, 2011

As Seen On... Haute Lacquer

(This is a scheduled post. I'm on vacation!)

Good morning!
This is a good morning indeed. Why you ask?
Well, as this is posting I should be on my way to Buffalo where I will see blink-182.
Not only am I seeing my favorite band of nearly 10 years (for the second time) But I am seeing My Chemical Romance as well! Another fave.
And on top of all that, I'll be doing some an obscene amount of shopping.
There are 2 Ulta's near my hotel. ULTA. I am going to Ulta. I'm going to buy the whole store.
(However I'm pretty sure I will be completely disconnected from the world because I can't use my iPhone or I'll have roaming charges.)


Today's spotlight is on Haute Lacquer!
Shaina from Haute Lacquer does awesome nail art, and I know her blog is a welcome change from all the fair-skinned bloggers. I get emails from people a lot asking if I know darker skinned bloggers!
Well my friends, here is a darker skinned blogger, who is totally sweet and cute and does great nail art!
(Girl has also been on a lucky streak lately! She keeps winning giveaways! Maybe this post will rub some of her luck off on me.)

She recently posted this simple but hella-cute manicure, and I knew I needed to recreate it.
I don't have the same colors she used, so I used two of my favorite cremes from my stash.

It started with a base of China Glaze - For Audrey.

I'm sure you've seen this a million (zillion) times by now, but it is just beautiful and has been in my top 10 polishes since the day I bought it. If you don't have this one, buy it. You won't regret getting it.
2 coats for perfect coverage.

Using a medium striper brush, I added the stripes in what is probably my favorite creme polish ever, Orly - Frolic.
Putting 2 of my favorite colors together works well!

I almost wanted to stop here and just leave the stripes as my mani. (But I knew I couldn't do that because I actually did 4 of these As Seen On posts in the same night...)
So then came the dotting tool and Wet N Wild Black Creme.

Sadly... I got mega smearing.
I knew I wouldn't be leaving this on, as I mentioned, so I used cheapie Wet N Wild clear polish as my topcoat so I wouldn't waste any Seche Vite.
But it ruined my mani :(

Hey, the pinky didn't smear! Just look at that nail.

Also, see the wonky dot on my index finger? The phone rang as I was concentrating and it scared me. Yup.

This mani would have been so cute if it wasn't for the smearing.
I might have to re-re-create it. Haha! I really liked looking at it for the approximately 2 minutes it was on before I took it off.

Tomorrow's post is going to be a bit different. Keep an eye out for it!


  1. take pictures of Gerard for me *sniffle*

  2. This is a realyl cute mani!! I love all the colors

  3. omg MCR! I loved them, I've seen them in concert too! Have fun! And the mani is so cute, despite the smearing :)

  4. I love some MCR songs! They've been on my iPod since I got it 2,5 years ago :P

    And I love the nails! I'm not into blue and purple together, but they do look cute on you :)

  5. WOW! That's really cute! I like color combination and it looks good also without dots!

  6. For Audrey is my absolute favourite nail varnish ever, ever, EVER! Enjoy Blink & MCR, I'm so jealous!x

  7. I love the colors you used Rebecca! Your recreation is great!

    I'm totally flattered that you re-created something from my blog.

  8. WOW I love this! I super duper love this. I love this so much I feel like I need Frolic now even though I've been telling you I can live without it!

    I have you are having a fantastic vacation--have fun at Ulta!! Have fun at the concert and remember . . . DON'T GET ARRESTED!

  9. this is GORGEOUS and i love how well the colors complement each other!! go check out my blog for your award :)

  10. the civic tour was here last week, quite the show - youll love it!

  11. OMG! I really, really LOVE this!

  12. They look awesome!! I love both with and without black polka dots;D

  13. Love the manicure, love MCR, and I nominated you for a blogger award :)

  14. @Destany - I did! I thought about you while they were one!

    @lnievin - LOL! I didn't get arrested! And you CAN'T live without Frolic!

    @tmcdonnell90 - thanks!

    @Pretty & Polishes Lady - thanks!!

    and thanks everyone else :)