Saturday, August 27, 2011

lippmann franken-dupe! (and mini haul!)

Good morning all!

Today I'm going to show you something I did a few weeks ago.
When the promotional images came out for Deborah Lippman's Candy Shop (the pink polish with rainbow glitter) I thought to myself, "Hey! That looks like a pink Rebecca Likes Cupcakes!" (RLC now comes with more glitter, I'll have to r-eswatch!)
And many other people mentioned the same thing to me!
So it's official. She duped me. :P

So guess what? I decided to dupe her back.

Take that, Lippmann! You're not getting my $18!
I know I'm not the first to show a franken like this, but I did think of it immediately upon seeing the promo images, so I'm posting it too!

It's super cute! And super easy to make! I just added several pink polishes into my slightly-used bottle of Milani Gems until I got the color I wanted.
(I wish I had saved half the bottle to make the black version of this! But I didn't think ahead. I just ran with my idea.)

As cute and fun as it is, I don't think I'll be wearing it again... It's just too hard to get off.

Now for my mini-haul! I'm really excited about this so I'm showing you.

Last night I was going around to a few drug stores looking for some specific polishes (which I did not find) but I did manage to find lots more things...

At Lawton's Drugs, they recently began carrying products from Nail Art Diva. They are marketed to only work with the stamping machine, but really, they can be used just like Konad plates. They didn't actually sell the machine there, so no one bought any. I discovered them a while ago, but the prices were cray-cray.
They've gone on sale a few times, and I bought some then, but oh boy, I was not expecting the sale I found last night.

Every single piece in this pile was 99¢.
Regularly, this amount of things would be around $130 and tax if you were buying it full price.
I got everything you see there - 10 stamping polishes and 3 plates - for $4.47 total.
The cashier who rang me in for some reason only rang in 4 items (and thanked me for actually buying some of it to get it off their hands.)
So not only was the sale crazy, but I benefited from a dumb cashier. I can't believe the deal I got.
It still excites me!
I might have to go back and get another pack or two...

Lawton's also has most of their OPI on sale for $4.99, as well as some other random clearance.
I picked up a Skull and Glossbones (I love it so much, the mini I have is not going to be enough.)
I got Revlon's Black With Envy (Chanel-dupe) for $2.75.
As I was looking through non-sale OPI I stumbled upon something HTF (hard to find.)
Yule Love This Silver! Sweet lord, I was excited. When I went to the cash, the guy saw that the Glossbones was on sale so he rang them both in for $4.99. Awesome. 2 great cashiers in one night.

So that was my lovely mini-haul. Very excited for my new (cheap) pretties!


  1. That's a 100% dupe! I WANT!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Lucky break with the cashiers ;). Love the franken, but removal would scare me away too!

  3. I love cashiers like that! The other day I found a new TMI and the cashier at the dusty was like "This is brand new, so it will be $6" I was like "I can handle that" haha.

  4. What an amazing haul!!!! You lucked out like crazy!!!
    And that dupe?!? You should sell it! hahah


  5. It's so gorgeous! I love it . And an amazing haul!

  6. Which lawtons location was this?? :) I may have to take a visit. To go alone with the haul my friend got me yesterday. :P

  7. @Julia - i was at a few and honestly don't remember what came from where. Topsail Road, Mount Pearl, and Paradise.

  8. Amazing haul! I always want to own this Deborahh Lippmann nail polish! You're lucky girl:D

  9. Your polish is way better. I looove the big glitter.

  10. so gorgeuss )::)) i loveee your blog!wait u my blogg..

  11. Wow you got the best deal ever!!! And that franken is so cute, Lippman did dupe you lol :P

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  13. Awesome! I want that polish!!!!!!

  14. I love your franken ;D
    I didn't know these stamping things O_o

  15. Yule Love This Silver may be a fake my darling! Check and see if yours is a black label. For some reasons Lawtons/London Drugs has a bunch of green labels that say "nail lacquer" instead of top coat (on the bottle). OPI is looking into it. I bought it a few weeks ago and never noticed until some girls in a group pointed it out.

    Although i still love mine it looks pretty to me fake or not!

    Also the Lawtons in Paradise maybe (i'm not sure it was one of them) had a ton of Merry Midnight if thats on your wishlist.

  16. Your franken is sooooooo pretty! Also what a great find! Lucky duck! I also loooove skull and glossbones!

  17. @Jenelle - I know the threat of fake OPI but I am like 99% sure it's not fake. It is green label, but green label/Nail Lacquer versions of this have been around for a while. Many blogs have been featuring green label versions for the last 2 years, I googled it a bunch when I got home. It has all the usual OPI anti-fake characteristics.
    When you say OPI is looking into it, do you mean someone reported it?
    And I looked for MM but didn't see any! :( Maybe I'll have to look again. I have Fowl Play though so I don't need it!

  18. Awesome! I love Black With Envy--it looks ahmazing with my Midnight's Master franken over it!

  19. I love your frankens, they're always so fun looking!

  20. I hear you mine looks real to but someone called OPI about it and apparently they said it was fake?

  21. Honestly I think it's a mistake on OPI's part (kind of like the two versions of NLTM from the Katy Perry collection) because its weird for so many fakes to be out there

  22. i love the dupe, how do you keep the glitter from not sinking, thats what happens to mine everytime :(

  23. @Tory Yarko - for the glitter not to sink, you need a special base called a suspension base, it's thicker so it holds the polish. this franken was made in a bottle of Gems so the base was already a suspension base. there is a company called TKB that sells franken supplies including a suspension base. if you really want to get into it, try there! :)

  24. Im def going to look into that! I use Party of 5 Glitters and they sink too :(

  25. I tots jealous I missed such a sale~! I didn't know Lawton's ever put OPI on sale! That is awesome! I love when cashiers do that~! Awesome deals!

  26. We pretty hauled the same things from Lawtons lol. Good to know the Nail Art Diva works without the printer (I think they sold it for like $40 at one point)

  27. Glad for you!!
    Have fun wth all this!

  28. Hey Rebecca, do they happen to still have these plates at Lawton's? I'm in the US and would love to get my hands on them. I can paypal you for them or swap? Please let me know, my email is beauty2244 @ yahoo (dot) com.
    Thanks so much!!!