Saturday, August 6, 2011

OPI - DS Signature - swatch and review

Hey guys!
Let's get straight to this pretty post.

Look at the rainbow trying to escape the bottle. This is OPI DS - Signature.

Those of you who pay a lot of attention will notice that my nails are two very different lenghts in these photos.
I swatched this polish twice because I wasn't happy enough with the first photos!

DS Signature is one of the old, hard to find OPI Designer Series polishes.
It isn't quite as HTF or sought-after as DS Original, so you can get it for a bit better price on eBay usually.

But despite not being quite as sought-after as DS Original, it is just as holographic and lovely!

And lucky me, I didn't have to get it on eBay.
I swapped with the lovely Tara from Tough As Nails, and Twice As Pretty!
(Coincidentally it is also Tara's birthday today! Happy birthday!)
(Also she is giving away China Glaze Atlantis (+more) on her blog, which is one of my all-time faves! Go check it out!!)

So now I have 2 awesome, old, holo DS polishes. (Between you and me, soon there will be three.)

And I just love love love them. The holographic particles in the older OPIs are different from other holos, they're semi-scattered yet linear and they are so bright!

That last photo is color-accurate. It is a somewhat peachy shade of pink.
This takes three coats for full opacity and the best blingy holo effect.

I noticed something weird with this polish - as it dries, it gets MORE holo!
I did a comparison on my nails with this polish (which you will see soon) so 2 nails were painted and dry first.
And when I added the last 2 fingers to do my full swatch, the wet ones were not as holo! It was weird. So I had to wait a few minutes to let them all dry to holo perfection!

I have a busy night ahead of me - once I get off work I need to start making a list of everything I need for my trip, and then I need to start preparing my posts for while I am gone!
I have an idea for a series of posts while I'm gone and I hope I have enough time to complete it!
Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Love that strong holo effect. Beautiful!

  2. I found this in a CVS a while back, one of my favorite polishes! And my sister had to get her hands on it, ruined the cap by trying to open it using her teeth. x_x

  3. Ahh so purty! I need to get some more DS polishes!

  4. I really want some holo varnish but all the stores that stock opi never have any in stock = confused expressions when I ask. What does it say when you know more about varnish than the employees who sell the stuff?!

  5. @hell-san - that happens a lot with me too! a lot of girls who work at beauty supply stores know nothing!

    @Everyday I'm Polishin' - OMG, with her teeth? i don't know what was in more danger, her teeth or the bottle! haha!

  6. OPI seriously know how to do holos! So pretty!

  7. I love OPI holos!! They're so holo-y lol :P And thats so weird that it gets more holo as it dries!

  8. I'm loving holo's right now! I have on Essence's Can't Cheat on Me right now, and I'm waiting for the sun to actually show up so I can get some pics!!

    I really want me some of these DS holo's! They are gorgeous!

  9. Simply amazing! It looks so freaking awesome!

  10. I first looked at the pics and was like; did her nails just grow? :P
    But this is a pretty color. Not my kind of color, but still very pretty!

  11. Absolutely beautiful holo . I have to have it !

  12. I noticed with my GOSH holo that it dries holo and kind of looks like the pukey bottle color when it's freshly applied. So maybe it's just normal for strong holos to do that? Either way, this polish is drool-worthy!

  13. I know this is like a million years late, but the color looks great on you and you captured it perfectly!!! I'm glad you love it and thanks for the birthday shout out!!! <3