Friday, August 5, 2011

july haul

I totally forgot to make this post at the beginning of August! So here it is, 5 days late.

Vacation mini-haul:
Urban Outfitters - After Hours
Color Club - Crush On You (Crackle)
Color Club - Age of Aquarius

Kleancolor haul: (I paid $26 for all of these)
Afternoon Picnic
Blind Date
City Never Sleeps
Chunky Holo Purple
Chunky Holo Teal
Holo Chrome
Mix Signal
Take A Hint
Twinkly Love
Silver Star

Swap with Tara of Tough As Nails, Twice As Pretty:
OPI - DS Signature

Swap with Inge from PolishSis:
Teeez - Smooth
Teeez - Cool
Catrice - Dirty Berry
Catrice - Forget-Me-Not
Hema - 09
Hema - 11
Herome - Jerusalem

Nicole by OPI - Let's Get Star-ted

Swap with Gaby of Pretty Edgy Nails:
OPI - Pink Me I'm Good
China Glaze - Mrs. Claus
Color Club - Object of Envy
Color Club - Art of Seduction

BB Couture - Man Bug (not yet arrived)
BB Couture - Junk In The Trunk (not yet arrived

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Whilwind White (back up)

Swap with Traci of The TraceFace Philes:
Essence - Movie Star
Wet N Wild - Party of Five Glitters (x4 for frankens)
Hard Candy - Fabuluxe
China Glaze - DV8

Spectraflair Topcoat from my friend Lori, aka gLORIous (holographic topcoat)

China Glaze - Tarnished Gold (Crackle)
China Glaze - Urban-Night (mini)
China Glaze - CG in the City (mini)
China Glaze - Skyscraper (mini)
China Glaze - Midtown Magic (mini)

Color Club - Wicked Sweet Collection
Color Club - Alter Ego: Keep It Undercover Collection

Picture Polish - Jade (blog fest!)

Swap with my friend Laurie who's guest post you might remember:
Kleancolor - Born To The Purple
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Pink Rose Diamond
Laurie's franken - Boom Boom NAILED IT!

China Glaze - OMG
China Glaze - LOL

Total # of bottles: 63. CRAP!
Total # of bottles I purchased for myself: 40. CRAP!

I will say, though, a lot of what I bought was cheap. 2 Color Club sets at $15 each, $26 for all the Kleancolors, $10 for the set of CG minis. The Color Club and Kleancolor really inflate the bottle count but I didn't spend that much on them.

But... Let's not even talk about all the stuff I've bought for swaps. Probably upwards of 20 polishes. Plus shipping...
I have 2 swaps left to complete and once they are done, I am DONE swapping for a while and I am trying to stick to that!

I promise I will be better in August (once I get back from my trip.) My bank account needs me to be good!
(But my August haul is going to look bad because of the swaps I have coming... Haha!)


  1. I soooooo would love you for pink me I'm good.
    Whada ya say? *big cheesy smile* :D

  2. Seriously you need an intervention! And I cannot believe you did not get Chunky Holo Black!!! It's to die for!!!

  3. LOVE IT!!! BUY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If you get great polishes for under $3 a bottle, then you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. I found it is better not to count # of bottles, but more the average of cost per bottle. It makes me feel better about it.

    I was enjoying all the swatching that you have been doing this month (July). I really hope you do the rest of the kleancolors soon :)

  5. WOW!! LOL I was shocked at myself that I went from less than 10 to over 30 nail polishes in the last few months, but you put it outta the park!

  6. @jaded_imp - you'll be seeing the rest of the kleancolors in the next week :) and thank you, I'm glad you've been enjoying my posts!

  7. @Kayleigh - LOL don't make me feel worse :P

  8. Hehe, I actually enjoy reading about your fail! Lol. Now I know I'm not the only one! I also relate to being fed up with swaps at the moment!

  9. thats super duper crazy!! In a month??