Monday, August 29, 2011

my friends like nails... again

Hi guys! I'm running a bit short on things to post so today I'm going to have a swatch marathon!
But before I get to that, I'm going to show you some nails I have recently done on friends!

First up is my friend Steph.

Steph's favorite color is yellow so I used my favorite yellow polish, Color Club Almost Famous.
I stamped the star image from BM21 with Wet N Wild Black Creme, and then added a coat of Color Club Starry Temptress to make it all pretty and glittery!
These nails were awesome and summery - I should do them on myself before the summer is over!

Now for my friend Emma's nails. I've shown you some nails I did for her before, here.
This time, she wanted pink and blue flowers on a gray background, so I started to freehand them... but then I hated them and covered them with big purple dots.

They turned out sorta psychedelic and they actually looked rad! Happy accident.
(The background is China Glaze Recycle and the dots are Orly Frolic, the pink and blue are mixed shades.)

On her other hand, I decided to stamp some roses and they turned out awesome!

Again, sorta psychedlic! They remind me of pop art and Warhol! So I love them!
The color combo is awesome, it's two Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, Brisk Blue and Presto Pink and the rose image from BM14.

Now, time for me to start swatching! Hopefully I can get a lot of polishes swatched and do some nail art! Have a lovely day, and I'll see you tomorrow with something new! :)


  1. Does the rose stamp have two images you stamp on to with different colors?

  2. Jacki, I think she just put a pink blob and then stamped the blue rose over it.

  3. I love the rose one, that turned out great!

  4. all of them are gorgeous but i love the roses!

  5. I wish my stamping looked as good as yours! Mine always look so messy! I need more practice, I think....

  6. @Jacki - Jess is right, a pink rose-shaped blob with the blue stamped over it! :)

    @Vicky - you're very right! i sucked at first too. practice makes perfect!

  7. I totally love the ones with the roses. :)

  8. I loved how you stamp roses~~ thats just a great idea, instead of freehanding them!! lOl I love all the designs especially the messed up flowers with purple dots on top!

  9. The roses are really cute and yellow polish is always a great color.

  10. I love the rose ones! So awesome!

  11. Totally pinned that rose one up on my pinterest - it's amazing!

  12. Oh I love Stephs nails. I wanna try it too!

  13. The roses...I wouldn't have even thought to layer the colors like that. Brilliant!