Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoya - Neeka (and cookie-stuffed cookies?!)

Hi guys! Today I have a polish/baking post for you once again! I know it's been a while and quite a few of you have mentioned wanting to see more baking adventures in my posts, so today you're getting one!
Polish first, cookies after.

This is Zoya - Neeka from the Mirrors collection and it is just pure gorgeous. I wasn't planning on buying any of these colors (because not only did they not impress me, I didn't expect to find them in Toronto.)
But then at Trade Secret in the Eaton Center, I saw this pretty bottle and she came home with me. (But I paid too much for her! $9.99+tax!)

Excuse the tipwear in the photos, I put this on at work yesterday and then I was a bit too rough with them before they were fully dried, I guess.

The formula of this polish is fantastic. Almost perfect in one coat, but you need 2 to even it out. Easy to control and I didn't even need to clean up because application was that easy.

What is up with all these "exotic" names Zoya is using? Just make a polish called Rebecca, already!

Neeka is a deep purple-toned gray with gold flake-like shimmer, as well as pretty purple shimmer!

I'm not big on really dark colors, but this one is absolutely stunning!
Stupid Zoya, winning me over with pretty polishes despite their bad international customer service!

Bonus picture:

iPhone captures Neeka nicely! Plus a pretty OPI accent nail of Parlez-Vous OPI? and Yule Love This Silver!

Now the yummy part...
I found this recipe a long time ago and was dying to try it. An Oreo baked inside a chocolate chip cookie? Are you kidding me? Eating more than one of these babies could probably put you in a diabetic coma, but that is besides the point.

Obviously, there was no way I was making these alone because of the aforementioned potential diabetic coma... Along comes my friend Vicki! (Hi, Vicki!)
You see, Vicki is a trained chef/baker, and I knew she would be down for making these ridiculously-sized cookies. (I offered to paint her nails too, you know, show off my talents as she shows me hers, but she can't wear polish because it is a hazard in the kitchen where she works! Boo!)

In hindsight, we were a little too generous with the cookie-covering...

We only got 6 cookies onto the cookie sheet.
Covering the sides was a bit difficult, and that is what made the cookies giant. After baking we discussed that perhaps you don't need to cover the sides so much, because the blob on the top would probably spread out and melt down the sides during baking.

Massive. And delicious.
See the raised blobs in the middles? Those are the Oreos. That gives you an idea of just how big these are. There was a good inch or more of cookie-barrier around the Oreo. So really this is like eating 3 cookies in one. Truly, 4 cookies including the Oreo I guess...

We didn't use the cookie recipe in the post because there were comments saying it was bland, but the one we did use ended up being a bit too soft, we think. A thicker dough would probably make it easier to cover the cookies without being too generous.

So. Yummy.
We made them last night, and I discovered today that the cookies taste much better once they are cooled and the Oreo has had time to set and harden a bit. When they're hot, the flavors all kinda mix together and it is just overwhelmingly sweet.
But when they're cool, you can totally taste the 2 different cookies, and they're great.
I brought one to work today as my lunch. One cookie for lunch, they're that big.

There you have it. Cookie-stuffed cookies. I wonder what else you could bake inside a cookie...


  1. OMG wow. I need to make those cookies. Although, I am gaining 5 lbs just by LOOKING at your pics hahahaha. Nice lunch there, Rebecca! And I love this color, I have it and it's one of my fav Zoyas!

  2. I'm looking forward to getting this Zoya! It is absolutely stunning!
    Those cookies look absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! mmmmmmm, Calorie-laden goodness!

  3. I totally have to try that recipe! & Zoya should totally make a polish called Veronica as well as Rebecca! Unless the already have a Veronica, but I'm pretty sure they don't lol!

  4. I'm still waiting for Zoya to name a polish Leslie.... So you're not alone. Supposedly they name them after powerful women in history or something? I've never heard of mention of a Neeka though! Maybe I need to hunt it down on the Internet.....

  5. I love the polish, it's so gorgeous and the cookies look delicious, I wanna try them out!

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  7. neeka is gorgeous! i kinda regret not picking it up at trade secrets in Toronto when i had the chance! i got Jem but i agree $10 is crazy! too bad we don't have many other options here in canada since we can't participate in zoya's zillions of promos!

  8. Neeka looks amazing! I'm surprised your IPhone actually cooperated with you to show how beautiful polish... I still have her in my untrieds, I think ill wait until fall to use her because its jot really a summer-y color.

    The cookies look amazing! I wonder if you could do it with brownie mix too. Mmmm, that would he very healthy. Lol

  9. The polish is lovely! And thank you SOOO much for giving me the great idea of baking a cookie in a cookie! A pizza shop near me sells fried Oreos. This should be even better :)

  10. That zoya polish is awesome! That cookie looks amazing! I have never seen anything like that before!

  11. Neeka is gorgeous! Already a lemming... just haven't bothered to go buy it yet! :P I knew once I saw photos of Neeka and Yara that they just would have to be mine!

  12. Another comment lol.. Congrats on 1500 followers!! I just looked at your followers and saw that you had 1500, WOOHOO! lol :P

  13. Nice Polish. And the cookie want to eat them all =)

  14. Wow Neeka is gorgeous. I had no idea about the shimmer. Definitely on my list for my next zoya haul.

    AND wow those cookies look so damn good!!

  15. A cookie inside a cookie? We need to go deeper. (Inception meme joke). Curious for a bite.

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