Monday, August 1, 2011

Born Pretty Store review!

Good afternoon everyone! Today I have an exciting post, as well as exciting news.

I'll start with the news.
Remember my piCture pOlish blogfest post? Well, the girls at piCture pOlish liked it, and I get to have a giveaway for you guys! One of you will be winning 3 lovely piCture pOlishes of your choice. The giveaway is going to start tomorrow so have an eye out for that post!

And now for today's exciting post.
I was recently given the chance to review a product for Born Pretty!

I chose to review one of their plates, m56, and they also sent me a stamper and scraper!

It's no secret that many bloggers love Born Pretty. They have great products at amazing prices. And they ship free, world wide. What more could you ask for?
I've purchased things from Born Pretty before which is why I have no problem advertising for them - they are an awesome company and I am very pleased with their products.

I always wanted Konad plate m56 for the bow image, so I decided to try the Born Pretty version. You can buy this plate here for $2.99, or you can get a set of 16 Konad-style plates here for $18.48. (Awesome deal! It includes all my favorite plates, too!)
You can purchase the stamper/scraper set here for $2.03.

The stamper and scraper are your usual rubber stamper and metal scraper.
Personally I prefer the plastic scrapers because I find you need to press harder with a metal one to get all the polish to scrape off. It still works fine, you just need a bit more effort.

The plates come with an easy-to-remove blue film! The fact that it is blue really helps get it off.

Here is a closeup of the plate. It is etched perfectly and has no flaws.

All the images transfer well and without problems! (2 of the hearts stuck to the stamper because I waited too long to transfer, but that was my fault, not the plate.)
Two of the images are a bit too small for my thumbnails (the swirls and the flowers) but not everyone would have this problem.

I've wanted that cute bow for a long time, so I couldn't wait to do a mani with it!

I started with 2 coats of Essence - Movie Star, which Traci sent me! Thanks Trace!

Movie Star is a dark gray creme that is perfectly opaque in 2 coats.

I wanted this polish because I wanted a darker gray than China Glaze Recycle.
Looking at the bottles, the two aren't very different from each other so I was a bit disappointed at first.

But, Movie Star dries darker than bottle color, so it ended up being exactly what I wanted!

In the above picture, I am holding the Recycle bottle. You can see how Movie Star is much deeper.
I think this might be a dupe for China Glaze's Concrete Catwalk from the new Metro collection but I'm not sure if they're exact. Either way, this polish totally kills my need for a dark gray!

Now for the bows!

Sooooooo cute!

As you can see, it fits my thumb perfectly!
I stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Presto Pink, and added 1.5mm pink rhinestones to the bows.

I am a bow addict. If it has bows, I want it. Stamping plates, clothes, you name it.

That's it for my review from Born Pretty! I want to thank Born Pretty for providing me with the opportunity to do this review. I wonder what I'll order next!

Oh, here is something else you might want to check out on Born Pretty...

Hello Kitty Stickers!! Bows!! I can't wait to use these. (BP did not send me these to review, I got them free in a Twitter promotion last month!)
You can buy them here for $2.88!

Don't forget my coupon code!

Have a lovely day!

(Certain products in this post were provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)


  1. These are fantastic. Great review, and beautiful mani!

  2. Extremely cute mani. I should definitely check out their page and improve my plate-collection. :D

  3. Wonderful review =]
    LOVE the awesome mani you'v done too! It looks so pretty and sweet =]
    Hehe can't wait to see you use them HK stickers! Too cute... =P

  4. totally cute - love the color combo of pink & gray! just ordered a bundle monster set but wish i had checked out born pretty first - will def. check them out now. you had me at "free shipping" LOL :)

  5. This is very cute! I definitely wanna try this! The little rhinestone you added are a super cool finishing touch.

  6. LOVE these! I've been eyeballing the konad style stamp set on their site because there are a few that I really want from Konad(I have the newest bundle monster set) and love that it's so much cheaper. Also, I have a mini version of that Essence color and LOVE it!

  7. What a cute mani! Love the colour choice <3

  8. Wow this is a gorgeous manicure !

  9. I've gotten the hello kitty plate from them but havent tried it yet. After reading this I really want to!

  10. I both love and hate you for directing me to this site!

  11. wow I really hope they post to the UK as I really love that bow stamp and the hello kitty stickers xx Off to go and check it out now xx

  12. OMG. The bow mani is too cute. I love it! I like how you're using rhinestones more often. Great way to make your manis even more awesome. I should use mine more. Even though they're cheap, I keep thinking I would be wasting them for a non-special occasion mani. LOL.

  13. So cute :) I need to save for more plates!

  14. WOW! amazing manicure!! I love color you picked and rhinestones!!! Beautiful!! :)

  15. Awesome nails! and those Hello Kitty stickers are so cute~!!

  16. Awesome!! Thanks for the review!! I can't wait to get myself started on some Konad stuff!

  17. wow that's cute:) that's a circumstance-I ordered the same plate 2 days ago:)

  18. i LOOOOOOOVE BOWS TOO! Ah!!! We're twins lol

  19. can't wait to get my stamping plates (this one included) from born pretty so I can do a similar look! thats for the inspiration for something I think I could achieve haha