Sunday, August 7, 2011

swatch spam! swap with Shadow's Nail Art

Good morning!
Today I'm going to be showing you some awesome polishes from an awesome girl.

Caroline from Shadow's Nail Art sent me all those goodies! All in the cute pink box!
We agreed to swap 2 bottles - and then she went overboard! (But I got her back, don't worry.)

All of the things she sent me were on my wishlist! And they're all so awesome!

This is China Glaze - Custom Kicks which I've already posted about on its own but I had to include it again!
Very gorgeous teal with gold shimmer, very well pigmented, 2 coats.

Sinful Colors - Green Ocean. See the pretty blue flash on the flakies? So great!
This is really sheer though so I chose to layer it for this swatch.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Going Green. Not a polish from the swap, but here is a swatch anyway! This is one of those awesome Xtreme Wear polishes everyone should have! 2 coats!
And then I added one thick coat of Green Ocean.


I'm not normally a huge flakie fan but these ones are just awesome. The colors of the flakies are so pretty.
And the different sized flakes and glitter makes it much more interesting.

Love it!

Maybelline - Goody Plum Drop. This was my number one want at the time of our swap and I never thought she was going to find it because it was from last spring. Limited edition polishes from drugstore brands are hard to find once they're gone from stores.
Somehow, she found it. My little polish fairy!
Best purple ever. The shimmer is so lovely and the shade is perfect.

It's not identical to any other polish in my collection but it is close to OPI Planks a Lot and China Glaze Spontaneous.

Ah, another polish crossed off the wishlist. Orly - Halley's Comet.
I've included a bunch of photos of this one because it is too pretty!

Just look at it! The above picture shows you the colors it shines in person. The green flash is really noticeable.

So sparkly and pretty. This is three coats.

All these pictures are really similar but I had to include them. It's teal, what else can I say.

If you don't have this polish (or one of the dupes) I really think you should get it!
As far as dupes, there is OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Zoya Charla, but I don't have either of those.
There are also these two:

Essence - Choose Me! and Wet N Wild Fast Dry - Teal of Fortune.
The Essence one is very close but a bit less sparkly, and the Wet N Wild is further away, being a bit deeper and does not have the nice green or somewhat gold shimmer. It does have the glassflecked quality to it, but not near as intense or pretty.

Blurry photo was the only one to (somewhat) show the difference. The WnW is deeper and less sparkly and has less green flash. Not as pretty. But a good, cheap alternative if you have Wet N Wild available near you.
If you have Essence available, go for that one! It is even cheaper, and much more dupe-y!
And there are even more dupes too but I don't know them all!

Caroline also custom painted me this bottle for my Rebecca Likes Cupcakes franken! I squealed when I saw it! Hello Kitty in a cupcake. It's just perfect!

Caroline received a franken from me with a cupcake sticker, so she had to go one better and make me a HK one.
How awesome?

Thanks again, Caroline! You know how much I loved everything.
You spoiled me so bad! <3

I'm off to schedule posts for while I'm on vacation! I've got some awesome posts lined up. Keep a look out for them starting on Tuesday!
(And also make sure you drop by tomorrow - I've got a very special post then too. Hint: Holo.)


  1. Oh my god, the cupcake bottles. SO cute. I lurveee Rebecca Likes Cupcakes. :)

  2. I love Sinful Colors Green Ocean.... I need to custom make my own polish like you did! How do I get a bottle of yours haha?

  3. Awesome swap!! Love that purple! and the painted bottle was too cute!

  4. You received some great polishes!!

  5. The Orly one is gorgeous! And I love the cupcakes and the bottles!

  6. Really pretty polishes and the Hello Kitty bottle is so cute! :)

  7. Im gald you liked everything!! and yes you got me back but im gonna get you back!! ahahahah (evil laugh)!!

  8. That HK bottle is adorable! And the polishes are GORGEOUS.

  9. I love Halley's Comet! It's so stunning in person! And I love that purple polish! I want now!!

  10. Great swap!
    Have fun with all this!

  11. The cupcake bottles are to die for!! They're so cute especially the Hello Kitty one! And I love all the nail polishes!! Great Colors!!

  12. That Hello Kitty bottle is so adorable!

  13. OMG, that Halley's Comet is TO DIE FOR! Off to put that on my gotta have it list ;)

  14. I neeeeeeed that Sinful Colors glitter/flakie!!

  15. I'm loving that sinful colors glitter! I must hunt it down haha

  16. Rebecca, have you seen Deborah Lippman's Candy Shop? It def reminds me of Rebecca LIkes Cupcakes. I think she ripped you off ;)

  17. @Jess - YES! Many people have told me that. Rebecca Likes Cupcakes was made as a sort of Glitter In The Air-esque polish, but ended up way better. And then SHE duped me but in pink.
    And what do I say to that? Screw you, Deb, I'll dupe you back!
    I duped Candy Shop for $5 and I'll be posting it sometime after I get back :)

    @Shadow - GRRRR!!! *is secretly excited*

  18. Geeblez! I always love seeing your swaps because you get such fun stuff

  19. awesome swap! i hope you get mine soon :)

    shel xx

  20. Oh my gosh...your franken is adorable. Would you be willing to give me the recipe, that is if you remember it cuz it has been a few years lol.