Monday, August 8, 2011

China Glaze OMG Collection - Part 1: 2BHOT - swatches and review

Yes, you read the title correct. Today I am showing you one half of the coveted China Glaze OMG collection.

A few weeks ago, I bought this set of six on eBay, which ran me $76. (My dad chipped in because he likes to spoil me with polish when I'm feelin' down.)
That makes each one just over $12. I figured, since I can't find any here, and since I'm in Canada, I'm not going to be able to get a better deal through individual sales or swaps with shipping and stuff.
So I did it. And I don't regret it at all!

As you can see, they even came in the original package so that was really cool. You could tell they had never been taken out of the cardboard holder.

Even the writing on the package is holographic. Awesome.

I swatched all these shades one day when we actually had sun. Rare occurrence this summer.
(In July we had only 6 days where the temperature went over 20 degrees/70 fahrenheit. And none so far in August.)
However my sun pictures did not really come out the best. So I used my kitchen stove light once again, and played around with the white balance on my camera.
And I think I've created the holy grail of OMG swatches.
Get out your bibs, because it's time to drool.

First I'm going to show you these warm shades.

The first picture of each polish is with flash and is the most representative of the true color. And then the more holographic pictures start! I've also included an iPhone picture of each one just for more holo.

QT. Hot berry pink holo. Gorgeous. (It looks too red in some of the photos.)

When I was first looking at the bottle of this polish, it did not look holo at all and I was sad.
But then I shook it. And it came to life.
Lesson learned: Shake your holos for full holo effect. Shake it. Shake it like a polaroid picture.

QT is for sure one of my faves. (Truthfully they're almost all my faves.)

TMI. Coral holo. The holo is not as strong in this one as it is in the others. (It appears more orange than it should in some of the photos.)

TMI is lovely but orangey colors are just not my fave. This is my least favorite from the whole collection. But for a "least" favorite - I still like it a whole freakin' lot.

TTYL. Peachy holo!

TTYL photographed amazingly.

Are you drooling yet? I am.

Now for the other three.

FYI. Nude holo. This one is actually glorious. I had no idea I was going to love it so much.

It also photographed beautifully, didn't it?

The above picture is my favorite! ♥

Toooo pretty. Too much pretty for one post. And there are still 2 more!

GR8. Yellowy gold holo. This was the least popular of all the OMG collection and is still available on some online retailers.

GR8 is great and you should buy it for cheap while you still can. Haha!
Last but not least...

L8R G8R. Light lime green holo. So awesome. And so photogenic.

There you go.
One half of the OMG Collection of pure holographic awesomeness.
And not only do they look awesome, they apply like a dream, in 2 easy coats.

My favorites on this half are FYI and L8R G8R! Which ones are your faves?
I really hope you all enjoyed this post! I'm quite proud of my photos.

The other half is probably even more stunning than this half. I currently have three of them in my possession, one on the way, one potentially on the way soon, and I still need to find BFF.
I will show you all of them whenever I manage to round them all up!


  1. WOW! Lucky lucky lucky lucky! They are all so beautiful, of course, but my favorite is definitely L8R G8R. :)

  2. OMG, GR8 post! I LUV it! TTYL! ;)

    In all seriousness, amazing photos Rebecca! I love this collection. I only have 2 at the moment, but one can dream!


  3. Gah, why doesn't anybody ever talk about QT?! It's gorgeous!

  4. Oh... Oh my goodness. I can't even find words to describe the beauty...

  5. WOW These are awesome I luv L8R G8R!! Its so AWESOME!! Can't wait to see the other half!

  6. I'm in love with QT. I'm still missing BFF (the real pink one) and I hope I'll own it... Once... :D

  7. WOW! just WOW. that's all i can say about this post besides how jealous I am that you got it!

  8. I think I just cried a little bit that I don't own these

  9. Those are so pretty! I love all of them!

  10. Yup! Definitely drool worthy! They're all so beautiful

  11. Wow!!
    Lucky girl!!
    They are amazing!

  12. Oh I love the nude holo! I got the nude one from the Tronica collection and Butter's All Hail the Queen! I love nude holos!!

  13. Wow!
    They do remind me of the OPI polish you showed saturday :)

  14. Amazing!!! It was sooooo worth the money you paid for it!

  15. how lucky you are! so so envy with you!

  16. TTYL, FYI and GR8 were my favorites.

  17. Ooooh, the lime green and nude are my favorite. That mude holo would go perfectly with a pair of shoes I'm wearing to a wedding next week. Wanna send it my way? ;)

  18. these are all gorgeous, i got LOL as a surprise pressie the other day and i love it!

    shel xx

  19. I need these. No, seriously.

  20. i can say OMG :) there are very beautiful..
    i loved loved loved.i wanttt :/// my nail blog.
    i will wait you..

  21. Oh those are beautiful, I want!!!!!

  22. I just love FYI. It's the most expensive polish in my collection! haha.

  23. So beautiful!! I'm dying to have at least one of those babies...someday! :)

  24. We'll get sun eventually! Fellow Newfie here, lol, I understand your pain. And those are absolutely gorgeous, couldn't choose a fav!

  25. These swatches are sooooooooo great. FYI is BEAUTIFUL. I only have OMG but it's the best silver holo.

  26. How freaking exciting is this?! So glad you finally got your hands on these. :D Absolutely beautiful swatches!! Can't wait for Part 2~

  27. OMFG, I need to get a hold of some of these. Thanks for supporting my growing polish addiction, i blame you for my cabinet filling up with all those tiny beautiful bottles

  28. WOW Holo's!!! Also where do you live?! I'm in Ontario and I don't think it's been below 25 degrees since mid-may. We've had about 5 rainy days since June, let alone cold days!

  29. Jealous! I only own FYI because that is the only one I've been able to get hold of :(

  30. geeze woman you are horrible for my wallet! haha i've been wanting holos, but this post put me over the edge and i've been shopping online for holos since yesterday. I think i just spend a little over $100 on a bunch of holo polishes hahahaha

  31. :P i am very jealous!! I wish I have some money to splurge on these coz I know it will be worth it.

  32. @Sam - hello fellow Newfie!! :)

    @Elizabeth - I'm in Newfoundland! I envy your weather.

    @heartNAT - oh no! you've beet bit by the holo bug!! hehe!

  33. Oh who did you buy from? Do they happen to ship to Sweden?
    Can you drop me a line on my blog about the seller, Please?!?

    I only have 3 polishes from the OMG collection.

  34. Thank you for your answere on my blog. And it is as I thought.
    But I have made a red and green out of the holos I have. YAY. Oh and a Purple. Just have to post the results on my blog.
    So want a silver and light green holo. Hunt goes on. And find someone who shippes to Sweden is not the easiest.

  35. I saw the same pack of 6 the other day (2BHOT) somewhere for $24!! But I only bought 3 of them since the lady was nice enough to let me choose my own instead of having to buy my own pack. Too bad they ran out of 2BKEWL LONGGGG ago ;(

  36. I'll try 11 china glaze omg collection.