Tuesday, August 9, 2011

As Seen On... Nail Polish Art Addiction

(This is a scheduled post. I'm on vacation!)

Good morning lovelies! At post time, I'm probably sitting in the Halifax airport waiting to board my second plane of the day to go to Toronto. (We are stopping twice. That's what you get for wanting cheap airfare.)
Don't fret - there are posts scheduled for every day that I am gone, and I will have my iPhone so I'll still be able to be reached if for some reason one of you needs me!

Now I'm going to tell you about the series of posts I have lined up for this week. 
You guys have been begging me to post more nail art, so nail art, you will get.
You might already understand from the title, but I've recreated 6 manis from other blogs that I loved, and needed to do myself! (There is a non-related post in the middle of the six, but I'll keep that one secret until it happens.)

So for my first spotlight post, I'm featuring Nail Polish Art Addiction!

Leslie is one of the first people who followed me, and the first friend I made from blogging!
Leslie does awesome freehand, like... Awesome. She's been knocking out cartoon nails left and right and they are all just amazing! Go through her first few pages of posts and you'll see what I mean. She even compiled them all into this awesome art piece for an art show!
She lets readers suggest cartoons at the bottom of her page, so if you have some good ideas that you think she should do, suggest away!
(Let me also mention that her most popular post is a pedi-post she did inspired by one of my manis. Click this link here to see it and make sure it stays her most popular post. It's too funny!)

Recently, Leslie posted this manicure that she did on a friend that I loved!
So I recreated it.

The colors I used for this recreation were:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Lacey Lilac

They're just so cute and preppy!
I think I might prefer a different color combo on my skin though. Or maybe if I had used black instead of white. It seems a bit intense or something. I don't know!

This is easy plaid and I think you should all try it!
Leslie does lots of tutorials, and of course she did this one! Check it out here.
Play around with different color combos!

That is it for my first "As Seen On" post! I hope you enjoyed it.
I have five more great manis coming up for you this week.
You won't even miss me at all while I'm gone!


  1. Beautiful colors! Cute manicure! Great job!

  2. Squeal! This is so sweet of you! Thanks for featuring my plaid. Can't wait to see what else is in the "as seen on" series!

  3. These are really cute nails!! awesome job!! :DD

  4. Cute and simple and a beautiful combo of colors :D

  5. I love the color combo and it doesn't look TOO hard to do. lol.

  6. I love the series idea, really cute design. It looks incredible!

  7. Oh i LOVE these, the colors are so cute! :)

  8. Amei ... lindo demais!

    Beijinhosssss ...



  9. How lovely. Such a good colour combination as well!

  10. Wow awesome!!! It looks so cool, think I'l def give it a go sometime soon!

  11. @Leslie - you're welcome! :)

    thanks everyone!!