Saturday, December 24, 2011

rebecca's favorite polishes of 2011 - #7

Hey guys! Happy Christmas Eve to those of you who celebrate Christmas like I do! I can't wait for tomorrow.
I know there are some polishes under my tree!

It's time for #7 on my top 10 list of polishes for 2011!

I spent a lot of money to get the Color Club Starry Temptress Collection. Normally their collections are $7.99 (at Ross,) $13.99 (at Winners,) or $21 (on some websites.)
However, I didn't think these would show up at my Winners. And I don't have access to Ross. And the other websites don't ship to Canada for a reasonable price.
So I bought this set on Nail Polish Canada for around $31.
(Let's not talk about the fact that the collection did show up at Winners a few months later.)

Despite the price I paid for the collection, I adore it. And this baby is my favorite:

Color Club - Space Case.
This one might come as a bit of a surprise because I don't think many people would consider this one super memorable. But I love it!

I didn't have the time to reswatch this one so you're getting old photos that are a bit messy. Sorry! It still looks cute.

Space case is a pink polish with some holo glitter in it that stands out more than it does in any of the other Starry Temprtress polishes. As well I have noticed recently that this one has a bit of a bluish-hued shimmer running through it, the way many Color Club neons do. Covers in 2 easy coats!
I really liked wearing this in the summer. It was on my toes for a few weeks too!

Looks even cuter with a coat of Starry Temptress.
A lot of people don't feel the love for pink polish but I do!

This polish holds a special place in my heart because I wore it (along with Glitter Envy, also from Starry Temptress) to the Katy Perry concert I saw this summer!

You know what I think, but what do you think? Top 10 worthy or just a cute summer polish?

Don't forget to see what Kayla's #7 is! We haven't had any matching polishes yet! I wonder if/when we will. :)


  1. Such a gorgeous color! I love the Katy perry mani :)

  2. I going to do my top 10 soon because of you!!!

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