Saturday, May 12, 2012

check out my collection!

Hey everyone! Sorry that I've been posting sporadically, I'm a bit under the weather but I hope to be feeling better in the next couple of days.

Yesterday I worked on a huge project that I've been meaning to do for a long, long time.
I get emails or comments pretty much every week, asking to see my full collection!
Well, your wish is my command.

I created this slideshow with pictures of each and every polish I own! It is current as of today and I will add new pictures at the end of each month.
You can click the "my collection" tab at the top of the page to see this slideshow anytime!

I really hope you guys enjoy seeing these photos because it was a lot of work! Anything for you guys ;)

Before I go, can I remind you to once again vote for me in the Bundle Monster contest? Hehe.
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  1. WOW!!!!! I would LOVE to have that much nail polish!!!!

  2. That slide show was nail polish porn for me - you have an amazing stash - Slightly Jel of all the fun glitters! xx

  3. Nail polish porn is a good one, and so real! Beautifull stash!

  4. The slideshow idea is so cool! =) And easy to update too. I might steal this idea. =P

    Also, thanks for making a link for us without the book of faces to vote in the contest. Sometimes people fail to realize that not everyone else is just like them. Voted for ya! Good luck chica!

  5. i loooved this nails, i have to do ones :)


  6. That was amazing and really enjoyable. Thank you for putting in so much work for it

  7. that's a lot of polishes! voted for your entry, good stuff :)

  8. You have about twice as much nail polish as I do and I thought I had too many...holy cow am I jealous. And all the colors are awesome! Very, very nice stash :]

  9. I appreciate all the work that went into your slide show. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I was seriously mesmerized by your slide show! Great collection :)
    I can't even imagine how much work it was to photograph them all. Something I've been putting off for a long, long time :)

  11. How do you like the Nail Art Diva stamping polishes? I've never heard of them, but I'm fed up with some of my attempts at stamping with crap polishes.

    1. some are good, some aren't. the white is nice! some of the colors are too. the black isn't as good as the wet n wild one.
      however i got all of these on clearance for a dollar or less, i'd never pay the retail price for them! they're TINY and not worth $10. if you're gonna spend on stamping polish, you're best going konad. i don't own any but i used them at my old job as a nail tech and they are fab.