Thursday, May 31, 2012

OPI - Shatter The Scales

You know, the new Spiderman movie kinda bums me out. I liked the old ones! Don't change my Spidey!
And sadly, I've gotta say, the OPI Spiderman Collection is a bummer for me too.
Only one polish interested me enough to buy it - the shatter! It's a pretty awesome polish in a collection filled with "meh."

OPI - Shatter The Scales
This is a dark green shimmering shatter polish that worked pretty flawlessly for me. Sometimes shatters can be a total pain (I'm looking at you, Turquoise Shatter) but this one is easy to use.
It dries matte, but really comes alive with topcoat!

I layered this polish over OPI - Skull and Glossbones to show off its green hue the best.
I wish the other colors from this collection had been more fun! Frosty pink... streaky blue... off-white... goldy-green over-done dupe... Bleh! At least the shatter is fun.

And now for a comparison!
I had some requests for a comparison of Shatter The Scales and Teal Scales from Funky Fingers!
In the bottle, you'd think they might be pretty similar. But over white, the real difference shows!

OPI Shatter The Scales / Funky Fingers Teal Scales
As you can see, the true color of these polishes is totally different!
That being said, when you layer them over certain colors, they can look more similar.

It's hard to see them over black, but what you can see is hard to tell apart.
So, depending on the color you layer them over, they can look pretty similar, but truly they are really different! And you can totally justify having both.


  1. Nice comparison! I have the Color Club version of that Funky Fingers crack and was so surprised at how blue it was on the nail.

  2. Not really into shatter anymore, but gotta say this is a good one! Love the colour and it looks lovely!

  3. I agree with you, this shatter is really cool! the only one I like among the other colors is the white cos I love white and grey polishes!

  4. Very nice shatter, I'm not really into them anymore but it is a nice color. Also, I agree with you about the Spiderman movies.. I'm so disappointed that they had to make a remake.. the originals were so good!

  5. I wish they did it without shatter & shimmer ;)

  6. I really like this shatter, i want it so bad but it was sold out :(

    it looks really nice on you!

  7. I'm kind of over brands doing Shatter, but this is a gorgeous one! I'll probably see the new Spiderman movie, but I was bummed about it too. The original ones have been my favorite super hero/comic book type movie since I was in middle and high school, so I didn't see the need to change it.

  8. Totally agree about them changing the Spiderman movie. I wouldn't have minded just a remake of the other movies but to change it that much?! Nooo thankyou. Haha. And I also only like the shatter from this collection. If I was into duochromes I'd also get the greeny gold one but I don't like them so. :P

  9. Yeah, I didn't buy any of this collection because none of them really appealed to me. But, you never know...I might change my mind :D

  10. I actually liked a few of the colors from this collection but I really enjoyed the shatter, surprisingly.

  11. I can't believe you "mehed" Just Spotted The Lizard!!! OIY! My internet daughter and I do not share a love of many of the same colors of polish lol!

  12. I love this shatter! I agree with you on the movie and other collection polishes. This one is the only polish I want from the collection.

  13. I'm excited about the remake. I really like Emma Stone. The green shatter looks really good, but I'm so sick of shatter and crackle polishes.

  14. Shatter the Scales is one of the few shades that really make me wish OPI didn't chip off me in no time. Everyone says shatter/crackle polishes are overdone, but I still love 'em. I think they have a lot more art potential than they're often used for.

  15. I feel the same way about my turquoise shatter from OPI too! I kinda shy away from shatter ever since but Shatter the Scales looks interesting enough fo rme to give it another go, if I can find them in store that is :/


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