Tuesday, May 15, 2012

some China Glaze swatch spam!

I decided after my Zoya spam from yesterday that this will be swatch spam week!

Today I'm gonna show some China Glaze swatches - 3 random polishes and then a set of four minis.

China Glaze - Spontaneous 
One of the first CG polishes I ever bought and still one of the ones I reach for often! It's a pretty medium purple creme with a great formula, 2 coats.

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields
This is one of the most popular colors from CG, a hot pink polish with strong gold shimmer. It's a beauty! It's a bit sheer, and needs three coats. A great summer color, released in the Summer Days collection in 2009!

China Glaze - Entourage
This is a fun green with shimmer from the Kicks collection. This 2 coats which was fine in person but a bit sheer for photos. I love this color but it stains a little!

Now it's time for the mini set!
I forgot to take a picture of the set, but it's called Memorable Moments and it seems to be wedding themed, with wedding appropriate colors. I got the set on clearance for $6 at a local drugstore.

China Glaze - Oxygen
Oxygen is a sheer white jelly, shown here at 2 coats. This would be a great polish for glitter sandwiches!

China Glaze - Bridezilla
This is a sheer pink shimmer, shown at three coats. Quite similar to OPI Princesses Rule, but I don't have that one to do a comparison. This is a super pretty shade, and it would be a cute color for a bride to wear (so long as she doesn't mind it being called Bridezilla! Haha.)

China Glaze - Stellar
Stellar is a nude taupe color with very strong gold shimmer, very pretty and unique in my collection! I think this is two coats.

China Glaze - Silver Lining
This is a super fine silver glitter in a clear base, shown here over Spontaneous. Really nice to add a little bit of sparkle to a mani without being obnoxious!

Phew! I like swatch spam. It helps me clean out my polish folders on my computer! Haha. I think tomorrow I'll do Julep spam. And then... who knows what else!
I think I have almost all my CGs swatched and posted now. I'll have to go through and see what else is left for the next time I do CG spam!


  1. gorgeous! I love Oxygen, it's perfect for jelly sandwiches!

  2. I think Princesses Rule is less milky than Bridezilla. I LOVE Bridezilla though!

  3. My strawberry fields is not a lot like that, not as bright or opaque. Yours is much prettier

  4. Love Bridezilla en the previous one, very pretty!

  5. I am not normally a hot pink person, but Strawberry Fields has been on my wishlist for a while. Stellar is GORGEOUS! I love nudes with shimmer! Great swatches.

  6. I have Stellar, it's one of my favourite go-tos for work! ^_^ I adore nudes with a little something extra.
    -Del xx

  7. love! i just got strawberry fields and i think it's going on my toes this weekend!

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