Thursday, May 17, 2012

Topbox Review - May Topbox

I'm sure you've all heard about the many beauty sample services on the market these days.
It's a very popular concept with a bunch of different companies offering beauty boxes all across the world.
Some you hear bad things about, and some you hear great things about.

One of the ones with a great reputation is Topbox.

Topbox is a Canadian company that delivers 4 hand-picked deluxe beauty samples to your door each month for just $10.
Ten bucks! For high-end samples and often full size products! It's an amazing deal.

You fill out a beauty profile which helps the Topbox ladies decide which products are right for you, and if you refer friends, you can get free boxes!

As you can see it comes in a nice sturdy tube which protects your samples from getting banged up in the mail. This tube is made of 100% recycled material! There's also some pretty tissue paper for extra protection.
Topbox makes their packaging as small as possible to be as earth-friendly as possible!

Wanna see what is in this month's Topbox?

Yes folks, that's a full size Deborah Lippmann!
Let's take a look at all of these products in detail, and I'm saving the Lippmann for last.

Cover FX Clear Prep FX
This is a sample of foundation primer which does double-duty as an anti-acne gel.
The description card shown above comes in the box with more information about all of your products and where you can buy more, which is super handy.
I've never used foundation primer before so this is something cool to try! It's clear as you can see and when you rub it in, it's completely invisible and feels weightless.
I don't have any foundation on hand to test over the primer (I threw mine out because it just didn't match) but I know the importance of eyeshadow primer - so I'm sure this stuff is important too.

Orlane Anagenèse 25+ First Time-Fighting Care Eye Contour
Oh boy do I need something like this in my life. I've got the worst bags under my eyes because I'm anemic from my Crohn's disease.
I'm really excited to begin using this product and see if it makes a difference!
It's a white gel/creme and it dries clear once you rub it in. A tiny amount goes a long way, I barely used any under both eyes.

Expressions Bronzing Powder Brush
How cool is this? A high-end makeup brush in the box. It feels so soft, I don't have any other brushes this soft! And the handle feels really cool too. It feels expensive, you know? Haha!
The other cool thing about this is that there's a deal for Topbox members to get the whole brush set at a discounted price, as it says on the info card. That's really cool. You're not only getting cool stuff in the box but you're getting great offers too.

Now, the one you've been waiting for...

Deborah Lippmann - Whatever Lola Wants
This is a sheer pink shimmer polish that was created with Kelly Ripa! Her daughter's name is Lola, how cute that she has this polish for her!
In the above picture you can see there's also a card you can bring to Holt Renfrew and get a free nail file! Another perk. I don't have a Holt Renfrew here though, sad.

As I said this is a sheer polish but you can build it to opacity at three coats which I've shown here. It's really pretty and feminine. My mom loves sheer pink shimmers so you can bet she'll be wearing this one.
You can also layer this over other colors to give them a shimmery look!

Here it is over OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips. Really pretty! I'm digging this polish.

Lippmann polishes retail between $16 and $20, so this more than makes up for the $10 you'd spend on the box. Plus the $25 makeup brush, plus the two samples. Totally worth it.

It's impossible to say anything bad about my experience with Topbox.
It's really cool that you can try the high-end samples to decide if you want to spend the money on the full-size! Plus you'll get some full size items too which are worth more than what the box costs you. Plus the other offers, it's just a great deal all around.

Canadian ladies, visit to put yourself on the waiting list for a Topbox!
You can also check them out on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

(Product provided for honest review.)


  1. so nice!!
    in europe we don't have this beautiful things :(

    1. Violet! I live in Spain and we have Glossybox! You should check out if they work in your country too :)

  2. lucky!! I wish they would ship to the US.

  3. Have you heard of what the best comparable company would be in the US? I'd love something like this...

    1. I think Birch Box is the most comparable but there is also My Glam Bag and Glossy Box and probably more!

  4. Awesome! I have been debating signing up for this, I just might do it! Do you know if you can cancel some months? Or if you're obligated to it every month?

    1. i don't think you can skip months, i don't see it on their site. but you can cancel whenever!

  5. You're so lucky!! I love that polish :)

  6. Used as a topcoat it's very pretty! We have those boxes here in Holland, not all that great. this looks good!

  7. I have been contemplating signing up and wondering if it would be worth it.. that deborah lippman has me sold! I have to take a chance on receiving products like these.. definitely worth it. :D

  8. the polish is really pretty!!!!!

  9. This is so cool and the polish is gorgeous! We don't have any cool stuff in Australia :( Boo!

  10. Nice polish! It looks pretty alone and layered.

  11. Wow. Very cool, I have Birchbox and recently signed up for Glossy Box US. I love seeing other boxes.

    P.s. I have Crohn's too....also anemic. Been struggling with it for a while. Been on steroids since my hospital stay due to a bad flare up in October

    1. i'm sorry to hear that :( i'm betting you're on prednisone - i did a stint of that in 2009/2010 as well as hospital stays and blood transfusions and now i'm on a bunch of meds including a less harmful steroid. i think i'm flaring up lately too but i don't wanna see the doctor! i'm a wimp. you can email me doll if you ever wanna talk! :)

  12. Wow, this box actually seems like a pretty good deal. Bummer it's only in Canada, but Canadian ladies seem to get the short end of the stick often enough with stuff like that (and shipping costs!) that I can't even be upset.

  13. Very nice, I just signed up a few days ago. Now I have to wait for a few months before they send my first box. Hope it's good

    I'll be blogging it too at my site, if you tp take a look.