Friday, May 18, 2012

Nicole by OPI swatch spam!

Good morning! To go along with the Sephora by OPI swatch spam from last night, here is some Nicole by OPI swatch spam!
These are all the rest of my Nicoles that haven't been shown before on the blog.
There's some Biebers, some Kardashians, and some randoms.

Nicole by OPI - OMB!
OMB. Oh My Bieber. Hilarious name. Beautiful polish! It's a super sparkly red glass-fleck shimmer with a pink flash. It covers in just one coat but you'll want two to make it look best. It's delightful, and that's really saying something because I don't often like reds!
I recommend this one for sure.

Nicole by OPI - Prized Possession Purple
This is another Justin Bieber polish but without such an obvious name. It's a nice purple shimmer, nothing original, and the formula isn't amazing - you need three coats to cover all bald spots. Nice, but nothing special.

Nicole by OPI - Step 2 The Beat Of My
Another Bieber, but this time a glitter! This is iridescent glitter and big hearts in a clear base. The hearts are pink and purple, and have fun getting them out of the bottle. It's really a pain. Such a cute idea but such a pain. Plus they don't lie flat on the nail so they kinda drive me nuts. Oh well, it's cute. 

Nicole by OPI - Kim-pletely In Love
I am not completely in love with this polish. It's sooooo sheer. The color is so pretty but you need four coats to get it to look this way! So disappointed in this one. I read reviews on other blogs before buying it that said it was 2-3 coats, so I bought it, but man I shouldn't have. 
The blue shimmer is nice and it's so cute but bleh, I can't handle the sheerness. 

Nicole by OPI - It's All About The Glam
Everything I just said about the last polish can be applied to this one. So sheer and annoying. You end up making it so thick that it doesn't want to dry. So disappointed. 
It might be okay if you're going for a sheer look but I want them to work both ways!

Nicole by OPI - Follow Me On Glitter
Another disappointment for me from the Kardashian Kolors. The formula wasn't the problem - it covers great in three coats - I just hated the color on me! I loved it in pictures I had seen but I just didn't feel the love in person. I like the idea of the polish, with the rainbow glitter mixed in, but it just didn't do it for me.

Those damn Kardashians cost 10 bucks a pop and I hated all three. Good thing the other two I own are some of my favorite polishes - Kendall on the Katwalk and Nothing Kim-pares To Blue.  

Nicole by OPI - Positive Energy - Matte
Nicole released a few matte colors and I picked up this one specifically for a Halloween look I did when I was first getting into polish. I haven't used it since then because it's not the most exciting of colors. 
The formula is nice, covers in 2 coats and has no application issues. It's really more of a suede matte because it has that shimmer in it. I like it. 

Nicole by OPI - You're An Angel
This polish is no angel. Again, it's too freaking sheer! I'm wearing three coats for these photos but you can still see through it. It's a very pretty and feminine color but I just wish it was more opaque. 
It does look cool layered though, in my first week of blogging I posted a look that involved this polish over black. Check it out here if you want to laugh at my early attempts at blogging.

Take that, Nicole! I've posted all of you. You and your dumb sheers.


  1. I'm sorry that Follow me on Glitter didn't steal your heart, for it's gorg! :)

  2. OMB is gorgeous. That kind of red is right up my alley! :)

  3. I'm not a huge fan of NOPI polishes but I am loving many of these on you! Now I may have to go look at them! :)

    1. Whoops I put my old blog address in there. Oh well, it's Tara commenting here :)

  4. I have Khloe Had a Lam-Lam, and I love that one.

  5. Hahaha OMB! I need that just because the name is awesome!

  6. Mmmm, some of the lightest shades are lovely

  7. Maybe with the right underwear those Kardashians will be more opaque?

    Yea, I'm aware that comment probably sounded very wrong.

    1. hahahahahahaha yes they would definitely be better with underwear

  8. I have Step 2 the Beat of My Heart and I found the same thing...the hearts are mucho annoying!

  9. I just got OMB today, and I really love the way it looks! Like you, I'm not usually a red fan.

  10. I got the "Follow me on Glitter" one, I did a black base coat first and then applied the glitter polish on top. Thought it gave it more depth, and then I didnt have to use 3 coats. I do like it myself, personally. I think "Kim-pletely in love" and "Prized Possession purple" are the nicest here.