Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OPI - Nicki Minaj Collection - swatches and review

Today I'll be showing you a collection that I have had since like, February, but kept forgetting to swatch.

Nicki Minaj has been one of the "it girls" this last year, and she's always so colorful and fun, it's no surprise that OPI did a Nicki Minaj collection.

There are three creme colors, two glitter shades, and a pretty shimmery shatter.

Originally I just bought the mini set and the shatter, and then a few weeks ago I found the last color for just $2.50 on clearance so I picked that up too.
Let's get to the swatches!

OPI - Pink Friday
This is a great pink creme that has a great 2-coat formula. Not a super original shade but I don't think I have anything else that is bang-on.  I like this, sweet and girly but still vibrant.

OPI - Super Bass Shatter
I wore this combo as a full mani and loved it! This swatch is shown with topcoat.
The first time I tried to use Super Bass it didn't work at all (seen here) but since then I have only had good results!
I love how it shimmers.

OPI - Did It On Em
Ah, what a gross shade on my skin tone. It doesn't look so bad in the pictures but in person I absolutely hated it! It's a pretty cool color but just doesn't look good on me. I would probably still use it in nail art but not alone. This needs 3 coats for full coverage and even then can sometimes have streaks.

Super Bass Shatter over Did It On Em
No topcoat in those photos to show that Super Bass Shatter dries matte, like most shatters, if not all of them. I really didn't like these colors together, but I'm pleased with how the shatter works.

OPI - Fly
Fly is a really nice teal blue with a semi-jelly finish. Shown here at 2 coats, there's still visible nail line, but I think a third coat would cover that. Really pretty color, I dig it, but I wish it was more opaque.

Super Bass Shatter over Fly
Love this combo! Super Bass looks more red or purple depending on what you layer it over. I wish I had added topcoat to this combo because I bet the shimmer would be gorgeous!

OPI - Metallic 4 Life
OMG, love this polish. Like I said at the beginning of the post, I didn't buy this originally because I didn't think I'd like it. But when I saw it on clearance for $2.50, I had to buy it. I'll buy pretty much any OPI for $2.50. I'm so glad I did!
It's a black jelly base that is jam packed with silver glitter. There are large hexes and small squares!
For something so glittery, it's actually easy to apply, and looks good at 2 coats. Love! I have an urge to put this on my toes for some reason... I might go do that!

Super Bass Shatter over Metallic 4 Life
Okay, at first I thought this was a fail, because it looks pretty bad matte. But then I added topcoat...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Just look at that shimmer! Holy cow. I love this combo. Love!

OPI - Save Me
Save me is a glitter polish that can really only be used as a topcoat because it is not very dense. It's got silver microglitter as well as holographic bar glitter! It spreads nicely and the glitter is super blingy.
Here I've shown one coat over the 4 other colors from the collection. I like it best over Pink Friday!
You could wear 3-4 coats for a semi-opaque look but since I only have the mini, I didn't wanna do that!

Overall, this is a really cool collection with fun polishes. The cremes aren't mega original or exciting but they are cute, especially if you don't have others like them in your collection. The glitters are unique and satisfying, and the shatter is just awesome!
Nicki Minaj fans would for sure love the collection, I know my Nicki-lovin' cousin did, because I had to buy her all six polishes!

My must-haves in this collection are Super Bass Shatter and Metallic 4 Life! Totally pick those up if you don't have them already.
Which one is your fave?


  1. Pink friday and fly are the nicest in my boos :) I agree with you though I wish fly was more opaque

  2. I have that collection too, is sooooo beautiful.

  3. Metallic 4 Life is definitely my fave. I really like Save Me over Pink Friday. Great collection!

  4. Super Bass Shatter + Metallic for life is the ULTIMATE combo, I adore it! Stunning...

  5. My favorite nail polishes are the pink and the blue ;)
    Nice collection!

  6. I need to start shopping where you shop! Where on earth do you find OPI for only $2.50?

  7. I have yet to pick up anything from this collection but I really want to! There's so many beautiful colors. I think I'll have to get Super Bass for sure because it looks amazing over everything.

  8. great swatches! i really don;t like her but i love the polishes!

  9. This has got to be my favourite shatter so far. I love it over revlon ocean breeze!

  10. for this to be a nicki minaj collection i was underwhelmed. at least they tried i guess.

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    1. I cannot type today haha. Anyways I overlooked this collection when it came out, but I think I need Super Bass Shatter & Metallic 4 Life now!

  12. This is the first OPI collection that I have all polishes from. I love them all, but Fly is just... perfect!

  13. Just want to pop in and say Save Me is not difficult to get opaque, that's the way I first wore it and it wasn't a struggle. Very pretty opaque too!