Friday, May 25, 2012

the sun isn't shining but my gradient is!

Here in Newfoundland, we don't get a whole bunch of sunny days. Maybe in July and August... A week or two... But it's not too hot usually.
I've gotta keep my nails sunny, even if the sky isn't!

Woohoo! Summery gradient!
Me and some friends all decided to do gradients on this lovely Friday, and here's what I came up with.

My color combo was inspired by one of my "nail crushes" - Ivana Thinks Pink. There's nothing she does that I don't like! Seriously. Ivana, quit being so awesome!
She did this mani using China Glaze Peachy Keen and Orly Fancy Fuchsia. Hot damn, I need Fancy Fuchsia. Why don't I have it?! Jeez. I NEED IT! Her nails were glowing. Amazing.

I used the same peach - China Glaze Peachy Keen.
I tried to substitute Zoya Lo for the pink but it just doesn't look quite so hot.
It's still pretty though!
But one day I will redo the mani... Whenever I find myself Fancy Freakin' Fuchsia.

To do this gradient, I tried the new gradient tutorial that is sweeping the blog world, from The Nailasaurus.
But, I couldn't get that to work... At all. It just was not showing up with these colors.
So I went in and did it the way I'm used to, which you can see in my older tutorial here.
But I still wanted the flawless blended look you can get from the newer way, so I ended up doing that on TOP of the gradient that I did my way. And that turned out magical! It blended the colors seamlessly.

After that, I stamped the floral pattern from Konad plate m65. It's almost like a Hawaiian shirt! Haha, I love it.

I'm was going to submit this in Kayla Shevonne's Nail Art Contest but then I realized you can't stamp for her contest. Damn!
If you haven't checked out her contest already, hurry! There's just less than 12 hours left to enter.

I hope you guys enjoy this mani! I'm going to be doing lots of gradients again because I just love them and it's been too long since I've done them! I think I might even do another one later today. Woohoo!


  1. beautiful! loved the color combo. If the colors don't blend too well, I usually do exactly what you did. I apply the colors first with the sponge, then do the other gradient technique. :D

  2. I really love your mani, the gradient is awesome :) I wish I was better at free hand stuff so I could enter the Kayla Nail Art Contest :(

    1. ahh that's right i forgot you can't stamp! damn, i can't enter these. i changed my post accordingly. :( hahaha

    2. Isn't that annoying..I am sure you had enough time to do another? :)

  3. gorgeous gradient and stamping!! :)

  4. Awesome! I love it! I'm glad you decided to do stamping over the gradient! ;)

  5. gorgeous! I love this color combo :)

  6. I'm sure I'll try something similar, I fell in love with that design!

  7. This is so pretty and girly, I love it!

  8. this is soo bright! def something I would have done too!

  9. So cute! The stamping looks great on it!

  10. That's gorgeous, I love the stamping! I just bought Zoya Arizona only to have a pretty orange to mix with some bright pink haha :)

  11. I just love this, so pretty!

  12. I did a mani like this last night! Just reverse the colours.. That is awesome - I think it looks awesome!!

  13. This is super sweet and lovely!!!

  14. This is awesome! I love how stamping looks over gradients!

  15. Wow! These are so good Rebecca I love them! So inspirational.

    And the other gradients - they are all amazing!

  16. gorgeous gradient and i love the stamping!! perfect summer nails

  17. Oh Rebecca! You're so sweet! :) Your combo and stamping over looks so cool! I'm also wearing a gradient since yesterday but I still didn't have time to prepare a post. And yes, you need FF, I don't know how can you live without such a pretty pink. x)

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  19. Oh, this looks just so pretty!


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