Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sephora by OPI swatch spam!

Second post from me today because I want to keep rolling out these swatch spam posts! I paused earlier for my Topbox review, but now we're back!

Tonight I'll be showing you the remainder of my Sephora by OPI polish collection, apart from the two new Betsey Johnson ones I got on vacation (which deserve their own post anyway.)

Let's get right to it!

Sephora by OPI - Hell to the No
This was one of my most wanted polishes for a long time! Until the lovely Rhonni found it for me in a blogsale and saved the day.
This gorgeous purple is from the Glee collection that came out last year. I wish I had all the Glee polishes! This is the only one I needed though.
It's a grape purple with gold shimmer! 3 coats to even out all bald spots.
The above photos are a little bit dark, check out the one below:

It's more the color of the bottle in this photo.
It's really amazing and I love it. A lot.

Sephora by OPI - Blasted Gold
As you can see, this is a gold shatter polish, I've layered it here over Hell To The No. It's interesting because it has some bigger gold sparkles amongst the metallic base, which are visible in the last picture especially.
I like the extra sparkly look, and it worked pretty well, so this is a winning shatter!

Sephora by OPI - Teal We Meet Again
Love love love. A deep dark teal shimmer. Great formula, just 2 coats for full coverage. 

Sephora by OPI - Blasted Opalescent
Here's something different, a sheer shatter! (Well, it was different, until they released the same polish in the Nicole by OPI range, too.) I layered it over Teal We Meet Again.
It has this awesome shimmery purple look to it, but still more subtle than usual shatters. It's cool as hell.
I found this one on clearance at the end of April in Sephora so take a look for it! (Or Opal Texture from Nicole.)

Sephora by OPI - Fancy Schmancy
I love the name of this one, it's silly. A sheer pearly white shimmer, shown at three coats. You could probably layer this too for a cool effect, but I think it would be kinda frosty.

Sephora by OPI - Go With The Flow-er
This is a hot hot red/pink glassfleck polish, which is super shiny and sparkly. It's kinda sheer and you need three coats to build it up.

Sephora by OPI - Mermaid to Order
Holy crap I love this. A teal/turquoise metallic that is so reflective, it freaked out my camera. It's a little bit streaky but I can totally forgive that for the color payoff! I adore it. Such a fun color! 2 coats to cover completely.

I'm a swatch spam machine! One day I hope to have every polish in my stash posted on this blog so I guess I'll have to do more swatch spam weeks in the future. I hope you guys don't hate these kinds of posts!
See you tomorrow with Nicole by OPI spam.


  1. "Hell To the No" looks a lot like "Dutch Ya Just Love OPI" from the Holland Collection. I have that on my wish list, but I'm wondering which is better and how they compare. I kindof like the name of this one better hehe.

    1. Dutch Ya is darker i believe. i've got a swatch of that one coming up soon, and i'll stick a comparison in there for you!

  2. I've been lemming Hell To the No for so long !

  3. Love the sheer shatter! Blasted Opalescent

  4. Those are all gorgeous, I really like Mermaid to Order and Go With the Flow-er!

    1. Same here! Those were my two favorites as well! I don't have any SOPI. I might need to change that!

  5. Wow, lovely colour polishes, I love the purple with gold shimmer running through it, and the blue/dark teal is gorgeous!!

  6. Are you kiding me?
    I love your swatch spam posts xD
    So keep going (:

  7. Lovely swatches!! Esepcially the first one, the shimmer is sooo pretty!

  8. Great swatches! I bought Mermaid to Order last summer and wore it on my toes EVERY time I got a pedi, my toes were glowing! It's my favorite pedi polish ever!

  9. Next time I'm at Sephora, I may need to pick up Hell to the No, just for the sake of the name! It's also a great color!

  10. Love them I want the Opalescent Shatter and I love Mermaid to Order!