Monday, May 14, 2012

Zoya Spam

Morning! Today I'm going to finally publish a post that I have had in my drafts for quite a while.

I hauled some Zoyas a few months ago and I swatched them all straight away but failed to post them.
Looking back, I'm not so proud of these photos, but they'll do. Ha!

I'll start with my favorite of the bunch and what is probably my favorite Zoya!

Zoya - Katy
The prettiest hot pink with glowing shimmer ever!
I reach for this color a lot. It's fun and the formula is fantastic. 2 coats.

Zoya - Aria
A pretty shimmering red-toned pink. It's a beautiful color but after swatching it, it's not one I can picture myself actually wearing.  It might be a nice toe color, though.

Zoya - Dove
Dove is a great light gray creme, 2 coats, no issues. A collection staple, I think. Everyone needs a good light gray!

Zoya - Gemma
Ew, why did I buy this? I thought I would like it... The shade of green is very unique and the shimmer is nice... But it's just ugly on me. And the formula was awful too, not like I've come to expect from Zoya. It needed three coats and they all dragged each other.

Zoya - Loretta
A sheer nude shade. Sooo sheer. I saw a swatch of this before that made it look way more opaque so I did this swatch with like 5 thick coats to see if I could get it there. Nope.  Bummer. But it works good in a french manicure.

Zoya - Marley
Love this one, a pretty lavender with pearly shimmer. 2 coats for full coverage. Awesome!

Zoya - Norra
I'm not sure what came over me when I bought this one... It's not a very "me" color. But it is pretty and the formula is nice - 2 coats.

Okay, finally these polishes are out of my drafts and into the world! Soon I should have six more Zoyas in my hot little hands and I'm sure I will swatch those really quickly - and this time, I'll post them quickly! (Hopefully.)


  1. Looks awesome! I am lemming Dove hard, but can never seem to find it lol

  2. I totally agree about Dove and Gemma. I have both, wear one a lot, and have never worn the other. Eish..! But I don't have Katy nor Aria, and really loved your swatches! Might get them sometime...

  3. wow - Norra is gorgeous! that's one i haven't seen before! :)

  4. Gemma is in a better place, now. I love her to death. Definitely in my top ten.

  5. Marley and Norra are my favorites on you!

  6. I need to wear Marley soon! I have neglectedher for too long and great swatches!