Sunday, May 13, 2012

my new and improved polish storage!

Good morning and happy mother's day to all you mothers out there! I hope you all have lovely days.

I recently decided that I hated my polish storage. Not the storage drawers themselves, but the way I decorated them. You may remember the post I did about it here. I really did love it but I just got tired of the four colors, especially how each drawer had two colors on it. It stuck out in the room and didn't look good.

So one day while browsing one of my favorite stores, I found a roll of wrapping paper that I knew would be perfect for my drawers.
It was still animal print - duh - but much more subtle and chic.
Check them out now!

Voila! This time, I'm really in love! They feel like they fit in the room now, they're not just a big neon piece of furniture sitting there.
If I had a room dedicated to polish I could handle the neon. But this has to be cute and functional because it is in my "rec room" - that might be a Canadian term but basically it's like a non-formal living room. It's my hang out!

Love. :)
(It was mostly easy to get off the previous papers - some came off with just a little coaxing but some required water and scrubbing. To apply the papers I used the same technique as before that I described in the tutorial.)

Now let's see what's in those bad boys.
Yesterday I showed collection bottle shots and today I'll be showing how I organize my drawers.

Left tower, top to bottom:

Drawer 1: All my frankens and indie polishes, as well as extra top/base coats, and all the things that aren't yet ready to come out of their packages. Otherwise known as "my pretties."

Drawer 2: Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild, and all those little round black tops are my Nail Art Diva stamping polishes.

Drawer 3: International drawer! Essence, H&M, Barry M, Catrice, Teeez, MNY, Hits, piCture pOlish, Flormar, Depend, p2, Hema, MaxFactor, and some Hello Kitty polishes.

Drawer 4: Milani, GOSH, Joe Fresh, and some sorta expensive things like Illamasqua, Nails Inc, Ozotic, BB Couture, Nfu-Oh, Ciate, Cult Nails, Layla, and there's also a Nubar and a bunch of CND.

Drawer 5: This drawer houses the things that will soon become frankens. It also holds the polishes I am collecting for swaps but I took them out of the photo so my current swap partner won't see them! (Hi, Tinka!)

Drawer 6: Some cheap stuff, Sinful Colors, Kleancolor, Hard Candy, Pure Ice, Revlon) and random brands I only have one of (Del Sol, Misa, Jordana, Maybelline, Urban Outfitters, Savina, NYX, Nina Ultra Pro).
I also have my Icing, LCN, Julep, Crush and Soulstice Spa polishes in here.

Right tower, top to bottom:

Drawer 1: Most of my China Glaze!

Drawer 2: Most of my OPI, and my Nicole by OPI.

Drawer 3: Orly, Finger Paints, Barielle, Essie, Sephora by OPI, and Zoya.

Drawer 4: Color Club drawer #1. In this one I keep my brights, the glitters, and all the random colors I bought individually and not in sets. As well, in the back we have a Funky Fingers and a Cosmetic Arts - these are made by the same company as Color Club so I keep them in this drawer.

Drawer 5: Color Club drawer #2. This one holds the dark colors and the pastels, as well as the two new collections I just got, and the scented glitters from Christmas are in the back.

Drawer 6: Random drawer. In the back are all the old polishes from my childhood that I can't part with yet but don't really consider a part of my "stash." I'm starting to turn them into frankens or just throw them away when they are really useless or not worth the effort of cleaning out. There's also my Elf polishes, Island Girl, LA Colors/LA Girl, and Ardene. Pumpkin and Snowman polishes, too.

There are a few things I don't keep inside my drawers - they need to be seen!
I've got a shelving unit near my melmers that displays all sorts of things, including my special polishes.

This is my HTF rack - HTF meaning "hard to find."
It houses my China Glaze OMG Collection and the other few HTF China Glaze polishes I own.
Here you'll also find my OPI Designer Series polishes, and my OPI It's Summer For Shore polishes. In the back we have the Burlesque glitters, and the two HTF glitters - Mad As A Hatter and Absolutely Alice.
Teenage Dream is there too, just because it's my favorite.

Next to that rack, I have my Deborah Lippmann polishes. (Behind that, a painting of Marilyn Monroe that I did!)

My Hello Kitty by Sephora polishes also like to be seen. They sit next to some other HK items, and off to the side you see Mark Hoppus from blink-182 peeking out from a book cover. Haha!

Well there you have it, a look at my polish storage and all the stuff inside it! Hopefully this satisfies all of you curious readers out there!

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  1. Awesome post! you are totally getting me in the mood to decoupage my melmers now! im just afraid i'll want to change them in a month!

  2. Haha, you're great :)
    Love that look into your drawers! I still need inspiration, how to store mine.

  3. I really hope one day I can have that much good polishes as yours. and I don't really drained my pocket out of it. and my mom won't kick and hang me up, because she doesn't really supportive on this specific hobby of mine.. LOL
    Long story short, so jealous of your stashes, esp the Deborah Lippmann ones !!

  4. Love this! I have one melmer and It's so boring and white.. I definitely need to do this! :)

  5. Your Melmers look great. Thank you for sharing your how-to. My plain old white ones are sooo boring and now I am getting ideas. :D

    You did that painting of Marilyn? Girl, you have talent. It's beautiful. :)

    Your HTF rack made me drool and almost short out my laptop. lol

  6. Very Nice Rebecca! I really like your Marilyn painting too!

  7. This is really nice! It looks great.
    And you have such an amazing collection :)

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  8. Damn! I'm jealous! =(

  9. Ooh what store did you find such beautiful wrapping paper!

  10. What a great post! I'm totally envious of your Hello Kitty polishes. I had hoped that my newly opened Sephora would sell them, but no. :/
    I like that you have your polish brands in rows. I do that too. :D

  11. This is awesome! Love how you organize your stash :)

  12. oh my, you have so many polishes! Looks a little like my costume jewellery displays though! very inspiring, off to paint my nails right now, but oh, which colour!

  13. This is crazy to see your polishes! I can tell you like Color Club haha! I love how neatly you have everything arranged!

  14. nice! your polish collection is impressive :)

  15. my impression of heaven! Loveeeeeeeeeee your collection!