Saturday, May 19, 2012

China Glaze Manhattan Cocktail Mani!

Hey guys! I have got some super exciting news to share.
Last night, I won the entire China Glaze Summer Neons collection! OMG I am so ecstatic.

How did I do this, you ask? With a Manhattan Cocktail Mani!

To do a cocktail mani, you paint your thumb, index and middle finger on your "cocktail hand" in a bright, flashy color, and paint the rest of your nails in a complementary shade.
Mine was done with China Glaze Gothic Lolita and Prism.

China Glaze came up with a bunch of fun combos for this mani, as seen on their menu:

Armed with this fancy menu, China Glaze held a Facebook contest where you would do one of the above manis to be entered to win their new summer collection.

Somehow, I won!
I'm so happy I had the right colors to complete the mani and I actually loved wearing it! The three accent nails were really cool.

I cannot wait for the polishes to arrive. They're gonna be so fun to wear all summer.

And one last thing - I forgot to say this earlier, but I also was a winner in the Bundle Monster contest! Thanks to all of you for voting me into the final 50, and I'm so happy that BM chose me as one of the winners. Thanks again!

So, with my amazing winnings, I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of fancy manis coming up. I can't believe how lucky I've been!


  1. This is wicked cute! Congrats on your wins :)

  2. I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to try it!

  3. Yay!! Congrats big time! :D It is a super cute mani!! Not too bold, not too quiet either- just perfect goldilocks lol xo E

  4. Ha ha! This is funny.
    I'm not sure which I'd have first. Mojito I think. Tremendous. LOVE this idea.

  5. Congrats on winning! I think this idea is so fun

  6. That's amazing, congrats on both your winnings!

  7. Congratulations! What a fantastic prize! :)

  8. Congrats on the win! I LOVE that color combo!!

  9. Love this combo, definitely going to have to try it out!
    Congrats on the wins!!!

  10. You are so lucky! I have been waiting so patiently for the NEON Collection!

  11. Congrats! How fun! I saw this 'menu' somewhere and had no idea what it meant! LOL

  12. Awesome mani, thanks for sharing! I must try this!

  13. congratz on your wins!!! I love the cocktail mani concept I wish I had one though!

  14. this is such a cool idea! congrats on winning :D

  15. I'm so glad you won! You deserved it! Can wait to see how they look on you. Unfortunately they are too bright for my tastes!

  16. Congratulations on winning both! That is so exciting :D

  17. Congratulations on your winnings! :)

  18. Congrats with all your winnings that's awesome :)


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