Friday, May 4, 2012

Cover Band - Sticks 'n Stones

Sticks 'n Stones may break my bones... But black and white glitter excites me.

Cover Band - Sticks 'n Stones
You. Need. This. Plain and simple.

If you're "in the know" in the polish world, you'll know that this polish is meant to be similar to Lynnderella's Connect The Dots, to give people a way to get this look without a) having to pay the Lynnderella price and b) having to deal with Lynnderella's drama.

Duping polishes within the indie polish community is really a drama-filled topic so I won't say much about it other than "the more the merrier" and "it's just nail polish."

I've actually got a bottle of Connect The Dots on the way to me right now. I committed to buying one but then assumed I would never actually get it once Lynnderella shut down her blog and all that.
I then bought Sticks 'n Stones to get my fix.
...And got invoiced for the Lynn the next day.
So that was annoying, but I bought it anyway. And now after comparing this one to swatches of the Lynn, I like this one better! Maybe I'll swap the Lynn when it comes.

Anyway, after all that rambling, onto the rest of this post.

I started this manicure with probably the stupidest combination of colors. Stupid because they are so hard to photograph.

This is a mixture of four Color Club polishes.
I started with a base of Peppermint Twist and let that dry.
I then added a quick coat of Peace Out Purple, and swiftly used a tissue to blot most of it off.
I did the same thing two more times with Mrs. Robinson and then Disco Dress.

That's what your tissue will look like when you're done! I really like this technique, it gives a cool blend of colors.
And if you don't add topcoat, it leaves a cool texture too! (But I can never go without topcoat.)

None of those photos accurately show the colors, though.
Only one photo I took (out of like 100) shows the colors right.
And it was taken with my iPhone. Go figure.

Super bright, super fuchsia, and super awesome with Sticks 'n Stones on top!

Here's a bottle shot:

Sticks 'n Stones, as you can see, is a glitter polish that is packed with white and black glitter in all different shapes and sizes.  There's also a tiny bit of iridescent glitter floatin' around in there.

I'm still wearing this mani as I write this post, and it is still distracting me. I keep stopping what I'm doing to look at my nails.
I realized just how many times I was being distracted when I was in the shower, washing my hair, and I stopped to look at my nails. Really.

...I just did it again.

The mix-y base color combined with the different shapes of black and white glitter is just so eye-catching and fun to look at. It almost looks like a splatter effect, but without the mess of actually doing a splatter!

The one issue I had with the polish is that sometimes the bar glitters will not lie flat. I had to pick off three pieces with tweezers because I couldn't stand feeling the edge of them sticking up.
But that's a pretty minor (and obsessive compulsive) problem.

For some reason I decided to do one accent nail on my right hand, and I'm going to show it to you, but be warned that I am awful at taking pictures of my right hand! And vacation was not kind to my right hand, so the nails are looking a little sad.

My accent nail is China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise. I adore this color but it is another pain in the butt to photograph. Having one accent nail is pretty random but I dig it.

As I said earlier, you need Sticks 'n Stones because it is fantastic.
You can buy it from the website Ninja Polish which I am proud to say is ran by two of my friends!
Sticks 'n Stones is currently sold out, but there is a nice feature on the site that will email you when it is back in stock!

Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. Or you could sell your Lynn on eBay! ;) hahahaha. I finally got my bottle of CtD and I get what all the hype is about. But I wouldn't kill myself over it. Thank you for pointing out the ridiculousness of nail polish drama.

  2. I absolutely love this! I (unfortunately) don't own any black & white glitter polishes YET, but definitely need to get myself at least one. I'm in love!

  3. You made me smile with your comments about the polish drama: I agree. Do not curse me or anything but... I preferred yout mani without Sticks and Stones. It was stunning. It still is, don't get me wrong! ;)

  4. Yes, in fact is very similar to Connect the dots from Lynnderella, a god option to those who want a Lynn and can't have it.
    I love the combination,

  5. I love this, and I love it with the accent nail. Great combination of colors. This really makes me want Sticks & Stones!

  6. I will try your tissue technique! It looks great :)
    And if you don't want your Lynn, I think it would feel comfortable with my new OPI's :D

  7. Love this, I wanted connect the dots before but this is just as good if not better, too bad it is sold out :(

  8. I really love this mani. And I do need Sticks and Stones... maybe by the time my no buy is over, it will be more readily available :-)

  9. Awesome manicure! I'm wearing Sticks 'n Stones today as well. Love!

  10. I love your comments about your nails distracting you. I can't wait for our bottle of Stick 'n Stones to arrive. My daughter and I are going to have some fun with it.

  11. Beautiful!! The base pattern is great but the sticks and stones made it even better.

    And that whole drama over the dupes was so hilarious. I was reading all of it just clutching my pearls and whispering "escandalo".

    I agree with you though...the more, the merrier. *does the moving like bernie*

  12. I have Sticks n Stones on it's way to me, but I still want the Lynderella for the fact that it has that beautiful shimmer! If you don't already have someone lined up to swap with, I would love to get my hands on Connect the Dots!

  13. THANK YOU for agreeing about the drama surrounding Lynnderella polishes! She makes some gorgeous stuff, to be sure, but everything it involves is so ridiculous.
    Yay Cover Band!

  14. When I got sticks and stones in the mail I started playing with it. I have several nail wheels with all sorts of colors, they are now ALl topped off with sticks and stones. My other favorite is Spotty Dotty White from All that Glitters on Etsy. I just got an invoice last night for a lynderella order I placed forever ago. I had given up on them. I am so over the drama, but I still want the polish.

  15. Such a cool polish! I got it in the mail last week and can't wait to use it. I'm also glad that it seems better than the Lynn alternative. Cause I'll never be able to get my hands on any of her polishes :P

  16. I completely understand how you check out your nails. I catch myself glancing at mine constantly when I love how they have turned out. I have only been big into the nail art for about 2 months and just found your blog. Good job ... I enjoy it.

  17. Love this post! I haven't been able to get CtD or Sticks and Stones, but I did find a very similar looking alternative on the Lush Lacquer etsy store called 'salt n peppa'. This looks fantastic though!

  18. I love your mani on both hands and judging by the swatches I like stick n'stones better than connect the dots :)

  19. I am definitly going to try the tissue technique - was there any fuzzy pieces stuck to your nail? ....and this does look like the splatter effect witout the mess!

    I'm not familiar with the indie polish drama, I'm more surprised people dont by their own glitter and mix up their own stuff and instead will shell out all that $$$.

    1. it was textured from the tissue but i didn't notice any big fuzzies!

  20. Love your manicure. Looks really nice ;)
    That nail polish Sticks 'n stones must be amazing!

  21. the tissue effect looks fantastic! fingers crossed I'll get my hands on sticks and stones some day...

  22. That's such an awsome idea. I really like what the tissue did with the colours. Definitly something I'll be trying soon.

  23. Love this polish! Thanks for the swatches!!