Sunday, August 21, 2011

Orly - Birds of a Feather Collection - Fowl Play & Sweet Peacock

Hi guys! Are you sick of hearing about the new Orly fall collection yet? I hope not, because today I'm going to show you two of them!

Orly - Fowl Play & Sweet Peacock

I bought these two lovely polishes during my mega vacation haul. As I said in that post, as soon as I walked into Ulta I asked the first sales lady I saw if they had this collection in yet. She had no clue what I was talking about, but brought me to the Orly section.
Staring back at me were these beauties! This was the last bottle of Fowl Play in the display but every other color was well stocked.

If you're thinking Fowl Play looks familliar, you're right. It is almost exactly the same as OPI's limited edition and hard-to-find Merry Midnight.
I guess Orly pays attention to what we want and they created a dupe! (If only a company would suck it up and make some holographic polishes again...)
I don't have Merry Midnight to compare to, but here is a great comparison by The Posh Polish.

Now for my swatches!

Fowl Play is a deep brownish purple jelly base filled with all sorts of things. Flakies, glitter, microshimmer...

Doesn't look like much at one coat! I was not expecting it to be this sheer.

But three coats, wow!
As you can see, it builds well, and there is just so much going on, it's really fun to look at!

The flakies, which flash through red/orange/yellow/green in the bottle translate as mostly red and orange on the nail. The blue shimmer is really visible!

That last picture is really big, click it to enlarge it and see the details!
As pretty and different as it is, I'm not sure if it is really my color. As you know, I'm not big into dark shades. But if course I had to have this regardless.

I was a little disappointed, I thought it was going to be a more vibrant purple. I think if I wear it again, it will probably be over a brighter purple! Like so:

You still get all the flakie and blue shimmer and glittery goodness, but brighter and more fun!
This swatch is shown over Milani Rad Purple. (You might remember that I hated Rad Purple on nails, but on the wheel it comes out more purple and nice. This was an old swatch on the wheel - I have since gotten rid of Rad Purple. They make a nice combo though!)

So my verdict on Fowl Play is yes, you need it, because it's going to be all gone soon and you're going to want it just because you want to have it. (If you're crazy like me, anyway.)

Everyone has been so excited over Fowl Play that I think they missed the true star of the collection...

Sweet Peacock.
Are you seeing this?! Is it awesome or what?
This is a true blue glitter-foil. I'm calling it a glitter-foil because even though it looks like a normal foil polish, it really is like super super fine glitter in a somewhat darkened base.

I put some polish thinly onto paper to try to show you what I mean.

See? Micro glitter! But it doesn't look glittery. It looks super shiny and foily and pretty.
It takes three coats to cover completely.

This was the first polish I tried in a swatch marathon last night and I was really sad to have to take it off! I'm currently brainstorming some ideas for nail art including this polish because it's just lovely and it is for sure one of my new favorites!

What do you guys think? Excited for this collection? It should be hitting most stores soon if not already available. Orly typically retails for around $7.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Both colours are gorgeous! Will probably end up buying them sometime soon!

  2. Fowl Play is awesome. I think it's going to be one of the most difficult polishes to get this season. Actually I've never paid attention to Sweet Peacock, but now I think I want it. :p

  3. I want sweet peacock! That's getting added to my wishlist!

  4. I still haven't found these polishes yet but I might get two bottles of Fowl Play since almost every swatch photo gives me fan girl moments.

  5. Luv fowl play!!! The second one looks like a foily microglitter polish!

  6. Fowl Play reminds me so much of OPI Merry Midnight! I believe that is a HTF, so alot of people will be very happy to get this one ! And Sweet Peacock goes directly to my wishlist, oh my what a beauty! XXX

  7. That's it, I'm buying Sweet Peacock! I thought I would just get Fowl Play, but everytime I see SP at Ulta, I think I want it....will pick it up the next time I see it!

  8. So pretty!! How do you think Sweet Peacock compares to Swimsuit...Nailed It!

  9. WOW! thanks for the post. Now I have both of these on my wish list instead of just Fowl Play. That Sweet Peacock is gorgeous!!! Now, if only my Ulta would get it so I could buy it!

  10. @ALY - i think they are somewhat alike! i don't own Swimsuit... Nailed It so i can't say for sure. i passed on buying swimsuit nailed it because 1) it stains REALLY bad and 2) i knew i was getting this one! i think the OPI is more of a true foil while this is a glitter foil. i hope that helps!

  11. I just picked up these two a few days ago. Can't wait to see what you do with the blue.

  12. I love these colors! You did such a great job at showing them!! XOXO

  13. When you posted the bottle of Sweet Peacock when you first got it, I thought it was going to turn out a lot like Witch's Blue also by Orly and I was going to say "I WANT THAT SO MUCH CAUSE MINE IS RUNNING OUT AND IT'S FROM A WHILE AGO SO I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN STILL GET IT NOW"... But holy hell, it's even prettier! Now I need them both!

  14. AMAZING POLISHES!!!! I cant wait! I ordered fowl play online the other day!

  15. That's it, I really NEED both! Thanks for the swatches! ^^

  16. I think you're right about Sweet Peacock! That was the only other polish from this collection that really caught my eye, but I did pass it up :( Hopefully I can grab it from one of the e-tailers soon!

  17. I hope I can find fowl play before it's gone lol. I don't have an Ulta, do you think sallys would carry orly?

  18. @Krissy - yes, sally's carries Orly. but normally they don't get more than one display of the Orly collections so you need to keep calling and calling and go as soon as they get it! haha

  19. Thank you! I guess I'll be stalking them out haha

  20. Holy moly, sweet peacock is gorgeous! How was removal?

  21. i took it off with a tissue before it was fully dry so i'm not really sure. but i remember getting the dried bits off didn't seem too hard!

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