Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back to crack

I haven't done some crack(le) in a while, so after I took off yesterday's layering combo, I broke out the crackle!

I really liked the pink over the white but not the blue so much.
This is all China Glaze - Broken Hearted and Crushed Candy over White On White.
This was my first time using my White On White and I'm a bit disappointed by it - 3 coats was still a bit streaky.

Also, it's been a few weeks since I used my crackles. When I opened them up I couldn't believe the mess on the inside of the bottles.
The necks of the bottles, on the inside, were covered in thickened up polish. And the rim had dried up polish all over it. It was just yucky. I'm going to have to thin them.
I guess the thick stuff is inside the neck is because of wiping the excess off the brush, you know? The stuff that drips down the sides thickens before it can drip all the way down.
I tried to use the brush to push it back down into the bottle! Hah.

Sorry for only the one picture today - I promise something great is on the way tomorrow!

Dear mail man, please bring me my Bundle Monster plates and my package from Leslie and my HK polish today!!
Edit: He just came with nothing but a bank statement :( 


  1. Love the colors! Also thanks for letting me know about WAH nails, ive never even heard of them, but now that I do I love them! haha

  2. Ooh I love this combo =) Very pretty

  3. Don't you hate being disappointed by the mailman? :( Hope it comes tomorrow!

  4. Oooh cute! Looks like candy! Yummy....