Thursday, April 28, 2011

sephora hello kitty liquid nail art - purple sprinkles - swatch and review

My HK polish came in the mail today! But sadly that was the only thing. I have no patience.
However, this little beauty will make me happy until my other goodies arrive.

So. Freaking. Cute.
I took a ton of pictures, half of them of the bottle alone. Keep reading for more!
(For some reason the spacing between words and pictures just won't remain the same in the editor and in the post - so excuse the sloppy spacing.)

My first thought when I opened the package was that it was smaller than I expected! So I took a comparison shot.

Despite being so tiny, the brush was actually really wide. Wider than China Glaze.
The brush isn't the best but it is fine. I'm not too picky about brushes.

Look how small and cute it is!
Sephora describes Purple Sprinkles as sheer grape with iridescent glitter, and that is pretty dead-on!

Too cute. The next picture is high-res so I suggest you click on it to see all the glitter!
The bigger glitter is similar to that in OPI's Last Friday Night - green, blue, bit of orange. But there is also purple and a bit of pink. And there is smaller glitter that is purple as well.

Okay, do you want to see it on the nail now?! Not yet.
First I need to show you what I wore under it. 
This polish is sheer and I don't want to use it all up doing 3/4 coats for opacity. So I decided to layer it over a light purple to let its darker base pop too.

I chose Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac. Almost the best lavender ever. I think it needs a bit more purple in it though. I might franken it.

Ahh, right hand! I forgot to take a picture of this on my left hand before I added the HK. Sorry for the awkward picture!

Okay. Now you can see Purple Sprinkles on my nails.

I love it so much! Instantly catapulted into my top faves.

When you look at it in the light it's just gorgeous purple with all this pretty iridescent glitter, and you can see all the different colors.
There is nothing else I can say about how pretty it is!

I just love purple too much. And glitter. And of course Hello Kitty.

Now, had I written this post immediately after doing my swatch today I would have had nothing bad to say. 
But then I went out with my mom for a bit, and sadly realized that something was happening that I never experienced before.
This polish shrank so bad under my Seche Vite. I really thought that was a myth until today!


Look how bad it shrunk! Some of the Lacey Lilac stayed on my tip, and the HK shrank back.
So disappointed.
Is not using a quick drying topcoat the only way to stop this from happening?
Too bad.

I planned on doing some stamping over this later, and I guess I'll try to cover up the tips!
Despite the shrinkage, I am SO HAPPY I decided to buy this.
These polishes retail for $10 from Sephora.


  1. The bottle is just too adorable! Usually you can avoid SV shrinkage if you wrap your tips x

  2. Ahhhh!!! I thought it was a myth as well. I've never experienced it but I am going to start wrapping my tips from now on.
    By the way, I seriously love purple and these polishes are perfect!


  3. The Hello Kitties are so freeking cute!!!

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  5. This is so cute! I think I'm gonna order a bottle now!

  6. I am not usually into HK, but this is cutecutecute! I love this layered over the lavender.

  7. WOW. I didn't think the bottle would be SO TINY, kinda of a bust since the polish is $10.. but we are buying the Hello Kitty Brand lol

    It's so gorgeous in the bottle, suck to hear about the shrinkage. .. I never understood what that meant NOW I know lol

  8. That's SUCH a pretty polish!! The shrinkage of SV really sucks and made me try an other fastdrying topcoat: SH Insta Dri. And I'm so happy with it! You just slap it on your nails, no tip-wrapping necessary, wonderful. So maybe try that one!

  9. the bottle is super cute, and mani adorable :-D

  10. very pretty colour and I love the bottle its definitely one I would want to keep on show lol

    shel xx

  11. I am still debating whether or not I should pick up a bottle of this...I love the Hello Kitty bottle, so it just might be worth $10. :)