Friday, April 15, 2011

milani - fresh teal - swatch and review

Hey guys, sorry for all the swatches this week! I don't have time for much else with my studying and pseudo-studying AKA staring at the wall for 5 minutes daydreaming without realizing that I've stopped reading my textbook. Hah!
I'm really not a good studier.

Anyway, seeing as I won a bottle of Milani's Purple Gleam and already had my own un-used bottle + the receipt, I figured I should try to exchange it!
And the lovely lady at the Lawton's cosmetic counter was totally cool with it. So I got another polish I had been wanting.
Fresh Teal from the neon collection.

If you know nail polish, you know how hard this type of color is to photograph. I think I captured it - but not on my fingers.

The bottle in this photo is more accurate to the nail color in person.
These bottles have a coating on them, they're not clear. Which is a bit misleading, because as you can see, the bottle and the polish aren't similar in color.
But yes, that bottle is more accurate. But it should be a biiiiit more blue toned.

This photo shows a bit of VNL but it was not noticeable in person!
This is not like other neons such as China Glaze. It doesn't dry matte, and doesn't dry overly fast. But not slow either. 
This was 2 really perfect coats, without topcoat. Milani's formula really impresses me! This was seriously easy to apply. And no staining!

I have another polish from the neon collection in my untrieds, but I will be getting to that soon after this dreamy formula! 
I thought this was a shade of teal/turquoise I didn't already have. I really, truly thought so.
But then tonight after too much studying I decided to take out all my teals and turquoises and, well, I'll save the details for my next post.
In short - it's bad. :P

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  1. Never apologize for swatches--I love swatches. :) I find colors like this really confuse my camera.

  2. Awesome color. I love brights! Btw, I voted for you!!! =)

  3. Wow! Your nails are so long!! Love the color

  4. I always see this and pass it up, but I think I need it now!

  5. I like this colour too! Good luck on the bundle monster contest!