Friday, April 29, 2011

orly - oh cabana boy - swatch and review

Hey guys, I have a wicked swatch to show you today.
Apparently my camera really likes neons and took amazing, color accurate photos of this beauty.
This is Orly's Oh Cabana Boy, which was one of the polishes I snatched up on my last B2G1 Sally's haul. I really want to go back today or tomorrow and get one last haul though!
Anyway, I don't have a lot of neons, pretty much just the Color Club Poptastic collection. So I decided to get this and I am happy I did!

My bottle pictures are always crooked. I don't know if I just end up tilting the camera and not realizing it or if my lens is crooked or something. I need to work on that.
Anyway, now for the pretty pictures!

Soooo neon! My camera actually amazed me.

If you do a google image search of this color you'll see a lot of washed out photos. I'm delighted that I could capture it!

The formula on this is a bit thin, and this was 4 coats, 5 on some nails to eliminate VNL. But it dries quickly. After taking these pictures, it kept drying and dried a bit more matte than in shows here. So you'll need topcoat with this one.

Look at all the shimmer!

Hot pink neon with purpley-pink shimmer. Love it! It seriously just glows.
I can't wait to wear this as a full mani. Wicked summer polish for sure. I'm going to add this to my list of polishes-I-might-wear-on-my-trips. Hah!
This with Black Shatter for Katy Perry? I think so!


  1. so pretty! i find my camera hates neon colours, and just makes them look dark but vibrant, if that makes any sense, ahaha.
    i'm going to sally's today to take advantage of the sale once more!
    i hope there are still some great colours left.

  2. Wow wow wow hot stuff! Lol!
    I reckon it would look awesome stamped over too!
    Btw i'v passed on a blog award to you =) You can pick it up over on my page!