Monday, April 18, 2011

easter egg nails!

Finally I had some time to do the easter nails I had planned!
I like the way they turned out but my mom thought there was too much black.
Let's see what you think!
(Also you'll notice that I chopped off all my nice long nails)

As you can see I kinda messed up one of the lines on my ring finger, but please excuse that.
I still think they're adorable!
I like the thumb and middle finger especially.They turned out really good.

The easter bunny and her eggs! Haha!
I found this adorable Easter Hello Kitty at Old Navy!
And it had to make an appearance. I also have a Christmas HK. Maybe that one will make an appearance at Christmas!
I think the nails especially look cute in this picture too, they're kinda better from further away.

For these nails I used a base coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White.
Using a small brush I painted on the other colors, which are:
Joe Fresh - Powder Blue, Butter, Faded Violet
Wet N Wild Wild Shine - Tickled Pink
Icing - Mint 2 Be
And using a small striper brush I painted on the black details with WnW Wild Shine Black Creme.

I'm all ready for Easter! And I have Friday off! Yay!
I already know what I'm getting for Easter too.
Remember my amazing sheets that my extremely popular hearts hearts hearts mani was based off of?
More of those. But cotton ones for the summer. I'm still obsessed with them.
Actually I am so obsessed with those sheets that I've started making a crochet afghan like them.
So far I only have 2 squares done, but I'll show you anyway!

The green wool photographed strange, but it is actually identical to the sheets. I managed to find all the perfect wool colors!
This blanket is my summer project.
I know you guys liked my posts from a few months ago with my baking adventures, would you like to see more of my crochet adventures?

Okay, I'm going to go pass the time at work by doing a crossword and also working on my blanket! (Yes, I brought balls of wool to work.)
I hope you enjoyed my nails and my blanket-in-progress!


  1. your design is adorable!

  2. Very cute and bright!
    Multi talented too? Bravo :)

  3. I love the design, I do think the black makes it look less easter though... maybe do white instead? either way i love it.

  4. Super cute nail design, as always! :) I love your crocheted squares, too. They are so cute!

  5. I love them! I wish I was as good with the dotting tool and stripe brush! I'm attempting a bunny with carrots for Easter, we'll see how that works out. I also like the length of your nails. Too long for me and I have trouble typing.

  6. Grannie hobby enthusiasts unite! lol. Love your work and the nail art is simply fabulous

  7. Becca! I love you easter mani!! And all the black just makes the pattern pop more :-)
    Your blanky will be gorgeous!

  8. Very cute! I have that Hello Kitty somewhere...I think it is hiding in my room. :P

  9. thanks everyone!
    jane, that was my mindset! hahaha

  10. very cute!
    i really like the colours you used.

    p.s - i want those sheets so bad!!

  11. i like knitting and crocheting as well as baking stuff so that would definitely be fun to see more of! :)