Thursday, April 14, 2011

wet n wild coloricon - blue jitters - swatch and review

Hey guys, second Coloricon swatch for you today!
My lovely followers informed me that these polishes were from a Halloween collection last year, so I have no idea why these two were still kicking around. Good for me though!
This one is called Blue Jitters.

Pretty much identical to yesterday's, but with bluish-purple shimmer. Blurple. But more purpley than blue. So I don't know why they called it Blue Jitters.

This was the second one I swatched and you can see I have some glitter all over me from removing the first one. Excuse that.

The formula on this one wasn't as good as Prowler, and it took 3 coats for opacity. And the shimmer didn't stand out as much as it did in Prowler.

I still love it though! I think when I go to wear one of these I will probably use one coat over a black creme to conserve polish, where these are only 8.5 mls.

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