Thursday, April 21, 2011

teal paisley

Hey guys, today I'm going to post these nails I did a week or 2 ago that I keep pushing backwards on my "to post" list. Haha.
I really did like them though!

Long nails. Miss them.

For this mani I used Milani Neon Fresh Teal, and I stamped from Konad m64 with a Sally Hansen Quick Color Pen in Fuchsia Chrome.

I am a big fan of this image. I got this plate on ebay for just over $5 which is about $2-3 cheaper than normal.
Still too expensive though, haha.

In other news, this week I managed to buy 2 polishes that I absolutely hate.
China Glaze Sun Worshiper and Gosh Purple Heart. Blehhhhhh.
I took pictures of Purple Heart and I might post them tomorrow or something but my god it is disgusting.
And I couldn't even leave Sun Worshiper on long enough to take pictures! I'm going to try to figure out how to wear it. I think I'm just too pale for literal highlighter orange. BRIGHTER than highlighters.
Yuck you guys. I hate that I spent money on things that I hate. Hah.

In other other news, Kellie, these will be on their way to you on Saturday! (It would be tomorrow but the post office is closed for Good Friday!)

Spent my day doing these! (And my own nails, of course. Which are beauties, by the way. Check those out tomorrow.)

It was a complicated operation!
I have a question, would you lovely followers be interested in more giveaways of custom painted nails?
I had fun doing it and I know Kellie is excited for hers!

That's all for today!


  1. Haha wow I just posted like 5 seconds ago my nails of the day with the exact same stamp design as yours!!! Lol!
    I love yours btw...amazing colour choice =)
    And huh you hate Gosh purple heart?! I really like it....
    Oh and I'v posted the comparison pics you wanted me to do =)

  2. i like the matte neon and the shiny chrome together.

    and i think the custom painted nails is an awesome giveaway idea! it's a nice personalized item that you put extra care into, which is sweet. :D

  3. The colors are so bright in the pics! It's like an in-your-face bandanna! Great job on the custom painted ones & I think future giveaways of that type of thing is an awesome idea. I just did a falsies set of my "Rugrats" nails for a friend, and it was surprisingly a lot of fun!

  4. Those look fantastic, I love the metallic in it

  5. Of course! The false nails look stunning, such a nice touch from you!

  6. Awesome stamping! I love it!! And, now I really want m64! lol.

    I just ordered the new bundle monster plates!! :) How awesome that you get them for FREE!

    I love the false nails you did, too. Very pretty!

  7. Thanks for your question on my blog! I updated it with the answer to your question :)

  8. Love the design! I also wanna get these Sally Hansen Chrome pens, they are obviously good for stamping!

  9. I love the paisley nails, But then again I am a fan of paisley in general.

    You did a lovely job on the custom nails

  10. thanks everyone!
    i just love looking at the nails in the package, lol