Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter goodies! + nail art of a different kind

Hey guys, I decided to do a second post today just for fun.
Part of this post is non-nails, and then the end is sort of nails. Nail art of a different kind. Read more and see what I mean!

It's been a while since I posted any of my baked goods, and I made cupcakes yesterday!

Two-tone icing!

I learned this technique on some website, you fill 2 piping bags with different colors, and then you put those piping bags side by side in another piping bag. Genius!

Seeing as I'm making a non-nails post, I'll add in pictures of my Easter goodies.
It was a very Hello Kitty Easter for me!

I actually have 2 of those giant ones now - my aunt brought me one too.

Look how cute it all is! The egg apparently has stickers in it!

My favorite Easter present however, was this:

Look at the cute cupcake! Rhinestones too! But it gets better.

A cupcake necklace inside!! :D:D
So adorable.

Okay after all that, I will show you my different kind of nail art.

I was reading an issue of Cosmo at work last month, and I came across an add for the Sally Hansen polish strip things. A full page add. And it was adorable. So I decided I wanted to frame it.

And it is amazing!

I am in love with it. You can find this in a lot of magazines, mine came from the Cosmo issue with Mila Kunis on it.
I think it is a cute addition to my nail polish area! Hah.

Oh yeah, I also decided to order myself the Starry Temptress collection today. Paid a bit more for it than I wanted to, but shipping was free! Happy Easter to me, from me.

I hope you enjoyed my non-nails and semi-nails post :)


  1. Cupcakes looks so yummy. You probably wont believe but I never eat cupcapke. ;)
    And Hello Kitty stuff.. so cute :)
    But the framed SH nails, amazing. Looks great.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Oh I want that ad to frame too. Don't know if any magazine over here has it

  3. I LOVE the framed ad! I'm going to have to borrow that idea for sure! :)

  4. ps. Very excited about Starry Temptress! Do you know how long it'll take for it to ship?

  5. I love the cupcake necklace! So adorable! And great idea on framing that ad. ;)

  6. Lol, I just meant the mags available at the grocery store where I go, cause I read blogs, hardly buy mags :)

  7. those cupcakes are so cute :)
    i tried the same thing a while ago but instead of using two bags, you just (try) to fill one half with one colour, and the other half with the next colour, in the one bag. it was a pain! this way seems much easier.

    also, the framed ad is awesome, clever idea!

  8. Oooh Yummy! I too have a weakness for baking cuppycakes. I should use that two tone icing idea next time! thanks!

  9. Your cupcakes are so pretty! That necklace is adorable!

  10. Those cupcakes looks amazing! Love the idea from framing it! Great for inspiration! x

  11. That framed ad is brilliant! Stealing that idea for sure if I can come across a magazine with it :)

    Also, those cupcakes look delishh!!!

  12. i love this entire post the cupcakes look amazing, loving your easter goodies especially the necklace and your picture is really cool i must look in my mags to see if i have it :)

    shel xx

  13. thanks everyone! i hope you can all find the ad somewhere!

  14. What a wonderful Easter you had! :) I love your cupcakes, I bet they were yummy! Your new necklace is gorgeous...I want it! ;) And, what a great idea with framing the ad. It looks awesome!

  15. Hello Kitty!! And omg that necklace is too cute! Love your different kind of nailart :-D It's a very cheerful and inspring add :D

  16. 1) The cupcakes look delicious. Remind me of a malt/shake from Steak 'n' Shake!
    2) Hello Kitty chocolate!! Enough said!
    3) Love the necklace.
    4) Great idea with the "nail art"!