Monday, April 11, 2011

nina ultra pro - purple x-ing - swatch and review

Hey guys! I have all kinds of exciting things to tell you today.
1) I have one exam done! Yay! And I think it went well.
2) I received a package from Polish Drop, I won her 200 follower giveaway last month! I'll show you what I won after I finish my exams. Thanks again, Blu!
3) I won a second giveaway!! The lovely Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction started a cool new giveaway that gives love to her commenters! Anyway, I'm absolutely delighted and I will show you guys what I won when it gets to me! Thanks again, Leslie! (Hey Leslie, did you know that my middle name is Lesley?! BFF! Haha)
4) (less exciting) I got the second-last package coming to me from ebay. I got this really cute rhinestone wheel with pearls and hearts and bows and it is adorable. I'll post a picture of it sometime soon.
5) This is my 100th post!!!

So after all that exciting news, I'll show you a polish I was really excited to swatch, but sadly was a bit disappointing on the nail.

Purple X-ing by Nina Ultra Pro.

Purple X-ing (Perplexing?) is a dark purple semi-sheer polish packed with round holographic glitter pieces as well as smaller silvery glitter.
This polish is really similar to Katy Perry for OPI Teenage Dream, but dark purple. So I imagined that I would be in love with it, but it just doesn't do what Teenage Dream does.

This color was really hard to photograph, this is the most color accurate picture I could get.
This picture looks good, but the rest show its flaws.

Keep reading for more pictures and the reasons why I don't love this like I wanted to.

This picture is not at all color accurate, but it shows the biggest problem. Where is all the glitter?!
I'm pretty sure I have it figured out - the base is too dark and covers up most of the glitter when it is on the nail.
Unlike Teenage Dream, where the base is so sheer, you can always see all of the glitter, even if it is covered by another layer of polish.
This just wasn't as glittery as I hoped.

And look how bumpy it looks! This was 3 coats of color for complete opacity, and then one of Seche Vite.
But the polish didn't feel bumpy after the SV. But it still looks bumpy. So that was a turn off.

Don't get me wrong, it is really pretty! I'm glad I bought it. I will wear it sometime, it is purple after all.
Next time though, I think I'll layer it over a similar purple to try not to drown out the glitter!

This polish is available at Sally Beauty and I got it for free with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal! Totally worth it in that case, but I'm not sure if I would pay the $5.99 CAD for it.

That's all for today! Off to study.
At least all my exciting news will get me through the day!! :D


  1. I have this polish and have to say i love it! i dont know if skin tones makes a difference when it comes to glitter polishes but with this i have no probs other than the bumpiness lol!

    shel x

  2. I'm sad this doesn't look as exciting on the nail as it does in the bottle!

    As for the name of it though, I don't think it's supposed to be "crossing" as much as it is "X-ing!" So then it sounds like.. "perplexing"! Maybe? I like the sound of it, anyways! haha

  3. keri... i'm editing the post now to remove that crossing part! hahahaa

  4. 2 giveaways!!! Awesome! :) Can't wait to see all that you won! And, the purple is very pretty, too! :)

  5. I say it "Purple Crossing" in my head. :)

  6. Wow name besties! Lol

    I Don't have any Nina ultra pro polishes.... I'll look closer at that display next time I go in Sally's!

    I ordered one of those rhinestone wheels off of eBay about a month ago. And I'm still waiting! Does it take that long when you've ordered?