Friday, April 8, 2011

color club - worth the risque - swatch and review

Hey guys, getting this post in before I force myself to study.

Today I'm going to show you Worth The Risque.

Worth The Risque is a fine silver holographic polish. However I did not receive the version that is noticeably holographic.

More pictures and review after the jump.

I really wish I had gotten the good version of this polish.
But that's the problem with ebay I guess!

The formula is great, and it applies like a dream in just 2 coats, but there is just no holo.

Not even in the sunlight. Not even with my older camera that likes to capture holo (and also likes to make my cuticles look like crap - sorry about that.) Not even in a video.

If you enlarge the above photo and look close at the middle finger, you see the extent of the holo.
In person you can see that much in the sun, but it is hard to see.

Disappointed! I paid 7 bucks for this on ebay which is so annoying because you can get Color Club's 7-piece sets for 12.99 when they end up in Winners.
So I got 2 on ebay for the price of 7 in stores, and they are DUDS.

Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty and I will use it, but it just sucks when you're expecting holo and there is none to be found!

I'll post my other dud tomorrow. :(


  1. I recently discovered this one and it's on my wish list now. It looks gorgeous on you!

  2. transdesign sells the dud, but it says that it is the non-holographic one next to it. too bad not everywhere warns you! it is still pretty, though. :]

  3. Holo or not, it's very pretty nonetheless :)

  4. That is a bummer that it was a dud, but I actually think it looks gorgeous on you! A fun silvery-glitter, love it! :)

  5. just received mine and its not holographic either, I ordered revvvolution and its just as dull.

    the only two that seem to have a slight bit of holo are fashion addict and wild at heart... i'm still very disappointed :(

  6. oh yeah, i bought mine from transdesign, should've heeded that disclaimer next to it :(