Wednesday, April 20, 2011

non-nails post: my crochet masterpiece

Hey guys, I was going to post this along with some nails, but it is so great I think it deserves its own non-nails post. (And I'll post some nails later on tonight.)

So as I mentioned in my last couple posts, I like to crochet. And the day before yesterday I came up with this awesome idea. And yesterday I completed it successfully!

Tadaaa!!! Hello kitty crochet hat!!!!
I came up with the idea/pattern all on my own :D

It's really silly and I'm sure I won't wear it many places/in public, but I just love it.
I wore it around the house all yesterday after I finished it! Hahaha.

Oh! And today is the last day for voting in the Bundle Monster contest!
If you have facebook, you can click here and vote for me.
Or if you don't have facebook, click here. (Those of you with facebook can actually vote on both links. 2 votes! Haha.)

I hope you enjoyed this non-nails post and stay tuned later for some nails!


  1. love this hat :D i am a crochter too! are you on ravelry?

  2. thanks! and i'm not :( i might join though, i've been meaning to. if i do join, i'll post a link here!

  3. Oh, so cute, Rebecca! I love it!

  4. Rofl! You look so crazy and silly! Hilarious & I love it!

  5. YAY! Another polish fan with a penchant for crafty things! Total awesome. :) I like it!

  6. Hey!
    I'm soo dumb at times lol you always comment on my blog but I'v never even saw yours until today! =S Anyway thanks for your comment over on my page about the stamping plate.... i'v answered and its a bit of a loong answer so u wouldn't mind popping over to my page to check will ya?? Thank you =)
    And aww such a cute hat!! =D I'm def gonna keep up to date with your blog now!! =)

  7. that so cute!! I would wear this everyday!! you're so good at this!

  8. Oooh Becca! This is so adorable!! I don't think it's too silly to wear in public, as long as the rest of your outfit isn't HK as well hahah :P
    It's really cute!

  9. oh.

    this is quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen. you're so talented!

  10. that is the cutest thing ever! wish i could crochet :P

  11. You should sell those somewhere. Seriously!

  12. My best friend would LOVE that hat. I wish I had talent to knit / crochet. You think working at michaels and getting discounts, etc would help me, but it hasn't yet.

  13. OMG I wish I could steal this as my FB profile picture!!! ROFL I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. how did you make that?! please i really want it and if you're selling it somewhere please let me now ASAP! need this URGENTLY!!