Monday, April 25, 2011

one of the best layering combos ever!

Hey guys, when my floral mani started chipping yesterday I decided to try and remake a stunning combo that my lovely blogging friend Jane did. Her blog is Nailside and everyone should check her out because her designs are great and so perfect!

She posted this mani one day and mattifed it the next day, and the combo was so great that I had to try and recreate it!
But out of the 3 polishes she used, I only had one. So I hunted through my stash for similar polishes and I think it did the trick!
This post will be pic-heavy because it was too beautiful!

I started out with 2 coats of OPI - Yoga-ta Get This Blue.

This is a dark blue with turquoise shimmer, but the shimmer is less noticeable on the nail than it is in the bottle.

I wasn't too happy with the formula on this one, it was a bit streaky and hard to make even.
I got this for 60% off though so I don't care! This next picture is more color-accurate but a but blurry.

And then I added 2 coats of Gosh - Gasoline.
My mom heard me complaining about how much I hated the last Gosh polish I had bought and decided to exchange it for me, lollllll. I feel a little bad where I had used it on 4 nails but whatever!
Gasoline is gorgeous but a bit sheer.

Like Jane, I loved it at this step too. Gasoline was just so pretty.

(click to enlarge and see the beauty!)
I was tempted to stop here.
But I had to keep going and add OPI - Last Friday Night.

I love Last Friday Night. It is sheer, but lately I've been down with sheer polishes. And as you can see it is great on top of stuff too.

(click to enlarge and see more beauty!)
The above picture is the most color accurate, because the purple was really that visible in person!

Last Friday Night also happens to be one of my favorite Katy Perry songs. (Behind Peacock, of course. Have you heard that song? If not, go listen to it. Unless you're easily offended... heh)

And then, matte!

My matte top coat is Icing - Matte About You. 
I'm never sure about matte looks.

I like this one though! Glittery matte manis pretty much always look nice.

Just look at that purple shimmer! And all the glitter! I'm in love.

I think I managed to recreate this really well!
But the problem was, after 5 coats of color and then matte top coat, it just wouldn't dry fast enough and I took a big chunk out while doing some tidying. So I took it off. :(
But it was nice while it lasted!
I will be using Gasoline again sometime soon, I love it!

Here's a picture of the bottles.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jane! :)

I get my grades for this semester today, wish me luck!


  1. Wow love the layering! And the matte makes it look like pure magic =)

  2. Beautiful combo oh yeah!!!

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  3. Woooo! I LURV it both with and without the matte! Like the milky way or stars caught in a nebula! Thanks for the pics!

  4. Oh, I love it! The finished look reminds me of outer space, so cool! :) You always have cool designs and ideas!

  5. STOP! just stop already! I have to own these colors now! My list of nails polishes "to get" just keeps growing and growing! I love this look and have now added Jane's blog to my list! I have to say I was never, ever a matte fan before but when I see matte over glitter it's so gorgeous! I had to go and order a bottle of matte topcoat lol!

  6. This is crazyyyy gorgeous! I should start fooling around with layering.

  7. Rebecca!! Just got back from my parents and read your comment. Wow, those polishes are great alternatives! It looks great! Practically looks identical :D And thanks for the little promo-talk :) Btw, did you know I almost choose the same background as yours?! xx Jane

  8. And good luck with your exams!

  9. very nice!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  10. You did such an amazing job. I'm so in love. I really need Last Friday Night. Also, Peacock is a wicked song.

  11. Love that layering. An excellent layering is like an excellent franken. So creative and YOURS! Beautiful!

  12. Omgeezeee, that just kept like progressing in amazingness as i scrolled down that page. Drooollll

  13. these kinda look like a take on galaxy nails :) i might try it soon and let you see my attempt loll

    shel xx

  14. This is gorgeous. I'm going to have to modify for my collection but can't wait to try it. Amazing!

  15. thanks everybody! all your comments make me smile.

  16. i looove this matte look-- im never sure about mattes either, i always think they look better on other people but i wanna try this!