Saturday, April 9, 2011

color club - fashion addict - swatch, review and comparison

Hey guys, this post comes to you from the middle of intense studying here on my couch.
I only really managed to get started today because I suck! Anyway I think my reading load isn't as bad as I thought, it seems smaller than what I had for midterms and that turned out great!

So I decided I have time for a little break. A break for a swatch post!

I have for you today my second Color Club holo dud - Fashion Addict.

Fashion Addict is the shade from my Catwalk Queen set that was missing, so I ordered it on ebay to complete my set. But I did not get the holo version so it was a bit disappointing.

More pictures, review and a comparison with a Tronica polish after the jump.

It's kind of difficult to describe the finish of a holographic polish when there isn't actually any holo in it.
It's almost metallic, but not, and kinda sparkly, but not. Sort of like the finish of a suede polish without the matte. I don't know!
Either way, this is a nice shade, light purple sparkly/metallic/suede/whatever.
Nice, but a bit boring without the holographic particles.

Like yesterday's polish, Worth The Risque, this one didn't even show any holo in the sunlight.

When I had it on, I sorta thought it was a lot like China Glaze - Gamer Glam from the Tronica collection. So I went to my collection and grabbed that but they are very different shades of purple.

But I did a comparison anyway!

As you can see, the finish is very similar. But Gamer Glam does have a bit more holo.

The above picture is in sunlight.

I am happy that I got this polish to complete my set, but a bit sad that it isn't holographic like I hoped.
Oh well, I guess this means I'll have to spoil myself with OPI DS Original to have the perfect purple holographic polish!

Something else I noticed: the bottle tops of my 2 ebay Color Club's are different than those from my sets. Is this normal?


One of these things is not like the others...

Oh well!
Back to my studying. This time next week I will be writing my second exam. And one week from 7:00 tonight, I will be free! Until September!

P.S. I now have bought 13 polishes in April. No more polish this week. (Maybe.)


  1. I love the first color! It looks great!

  2. Weird about the disrepancies with the lids...hope that there aren't any fakes going about!

  3. That's how the lids in set I bought were, and I bought a bottle by itself and the lid had the flower. Maybe it has something to do with how the sets don't have labels on them (or at least mine don't).

  4. it is strange that they use different tops for the sets! they seem like cheaper tops than the ones with the flower.
    i don't know!

  5. As far as I know, the sets never have the flower cap. That doesn't bother me, but the way companies make un-holo versions of polishes that were originally holo is very annoying.

  6. Try adding a bunch of thinner! It worked for a friend of mine's "dud" Nfu Oh, and it was holographic wonderfulness after the thinner was added :D