Thursday, April 7, 2011

teenage dream/cracked concrete

Today was not a good nail polish day. For starters I didn't want to take off my gradient zebra nails but they had started to get some tip wear.
And then the sun came out, so I decided to take a break from my paper-writing to swatch my 2 new Color Club holo's that finally came.
And so I did it and they aren't the holo versions and they suck :(
Super disappointned.
I remember one time reading from another blogger that she had bought a dud from them and contacted them and they sent her a new one. Does anyone remember this/know if it is true? Or am I crazy?

So anyway that bummed me. And so I put on my new Nina shade from Sally's. And for various reasons that bummed me. And so I put on one of my new OPI shades and that wasn't right either!
So I put on Teenage Dream. Because it always makes me feel better.

But then I added a coat of China Glaze Cracked Concrete. And I probably shouldn't have.

I like it. But don't love it. It does look better in person though.

Three coats of Teenage Dream, Seche Vite, Cracked Concrete, Seche Vite.
This was my first time using Crackle over Seche Vite and it worked fine! Wasn't expecting it to.

I do like how you can see the glitter through the cracks.

Today was just one of those days, I guess!
Maybe on the weekend I'll get a studying break and I'll be able to do something nicer.

Here is a shot of Teenage Dream on it's own for good measure.

The VNL was much less noticeable in person.

Now just to make this post a little prettier, here is a picture I took of my gradient manicure before I took it off, to show the wear I had. This is 4 days of wear:

Not bad at all! I had a chip on both thumbs from work though so it needed to come off.
I think I should just wear this 24/7. I love it too much.

I'm planning on doing a gradient tutorial after my exams are over! Look out for that after the 16th!


  1. Teenage Dream makes me feel better too! And your gradient zebra nails ROCK! They look unbelievable!
    And we have have those kinds of days where nothing goes right. Tomorrow will be better.

  2. Is it just me? Or does fault line not look purple? It looks dark grey! I know what you mean about not wanting to take off your design even though it may be a lil messed up... My feather mani is still young, but I planted some flowers and it's kinda whack now. :( it would make me sad to remove it!

  3. Leslie... you are right and I just decided in my mind to call it Fault Line when it is actully Cracked Concrete. Oh my! Time to edit! hahahaha

  4. All fixed. See what I mean about a bad nail polish day?! hahahaha. woe is me :P

  5. Lol, at least I know I'm not color blind!
    Bad days come and go, no worries!