Monday, April 30, 2012

as seen on... All Lacquered Up

Good morning all! I hope you've enjoyed my scheduled vacation posts, today is the last one!
I've saved a very very pretty mani to show off as my last "as seen on" post and I think you'll all like it.

I'm sure the majority of you are familliar with the blog All Lacquered Up.
She's one of the veteran polish bloggers, and although her posting is sporadic nowadays, her blog is still an amazing resource.
In September, she showed a really cool technique with CND Effects called the "Mood Ring Manicure."
You may remember that I picked up a ton of CND Effects for $1 a few weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to find all the ones you need for this manicure! So of course I tried it out.

Layering a few of the Effects together creates this amazing blend of colors and the shimmer is just insane.

I was worried it might be a nightmare to photograph but luckily, I think I got some great shots!

Here's what it looks like before it's done.
You start with a dark base - I used Wet N Wild Black Creme.
You paint a stripe of one effect down the middle of the nail - CND Ice Blue Shimmer.
Then you add two more effects on either side - CND Emerald Shimmer & CND Violet Shimmer.
It helps to overlap the colors a little to blend them more and create more colors!
To finish it off, you add a coat of CND Copper Shimmer.
I thought adding the copper might ruin the look (because it looked really cool before it) but really the copper layer made the look so much better, and gave it more depth.

I bet there are a million combos you could do with all these effects. I'd love to own all the effects but they're too expensive when they aren't on clearance! Hahaha.

At some point, I think I will wear Ice Blue Shimmer and Violet shimmer both layered over black because the part of the nail that they overlapped on was just beautiful.

I love that last photo! Look at all the colors!
Thank you ALU for your many years of manis! Hahaha.

As I said already, I hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed making it! And so long as I make it home on time, I will see you tomorrow! (Probably with a haul post!)


  1. This looks so nice, I love it.

  2. ALU is so awesome. I remember seeing this there, you did a great job recreating the mood ring look!

  3. Whoah that's insane! I might have to do a monkey see, monkey do on this one. I love the results!

  4. Great idea, I don't have any of these CNDs, but I could always try to recreate them :D

    I'd try sponging them, instead of applying them directly on nails, will nails appear softer and more blended?

  5. Ugh I am so jealous of that! For a dollar!!! Gorgeous!

  6. This looks amazing. Never thought to use my effects like this...cannot wait to try it.

  7. fantástico!

  8. I love this! It's so fun and different. I gave you an award on my blog:

  9. where did you pick these effects up for a dollar? I can only seem to find this brand online.

    1. it was at a locally-owned beauty supply store that was discontinuing their entire CND line


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