Monday, April 23, 2012

as seen on... Dressed Up Digits

Hello and welcome to my first post in this year's "as seen on" series - AKA I'm on vacation and I want to schedule some fun posts!
I've got 7 days of re-created manis for you this week as well as one day of original art.
I hope you guys enjoy this series, while I am enjoying my vacation!

My first feature for this series is Laurie at Dressed Up Digits.
Back in the day, all the way back to the first Bundle Monster contest (just over year ago), I met a lady named Laurie on Facebook. She was a fan of my blog. We started talking. And I've been stuck with her ever since!
Just kidding, I love Laurie and I even refer to her as my "internet mom!" Hardly a day goes by where she and I aren't chatting and I feel lucky to know her (even though she busts my balls sometimes. Just like my real mom.)

Laurie loves mermaid manis. Loves them. So I did one just for her!

And it turned out pretty "ding dang" nice! (That's a Laurie saying.)

I did this mani using three colors from the Color Club Take Wing collection that I showed you yesterday.
I started with a base of Metamorphosis and then using a sponge, I added random areas of Fly With Me and Sky High.
I also added some glittery sections with Color Club Object Of Envy.

The stamping was done with Bundle Monster BM-209 using Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.

Originally I had plans to do a mermaids tail shape on the thumb but I ruined it by trying to add too much detail (of course) so I did a nice and simple drag marble on that nail with the Take Wing colors.
To drag marble, you blob on colors and swirl them together with a toothpick, or small dotting tool, etc. I find it easier to do this with shimmery polishes because they blend together easier than cremes.

Don't these colors look nice together?

Here's a closeup of my marbled nail. I made it mostly green because I wanted it to be a little different from the other nails. Accent thumb!

I really enjoyed doing this manicure. Laurie is right, mermaid manis are awesome!
Check out Laurie's mermaids here and here and here. Tell her I sent you!

I wonder what Toronto has in store for me this week. I'm sure I'll tell you all about it when I get back on May 1st!
Stay tuned all week to see what other manis I've recreated!


  1. this is so so so pretty! amazing job

  2. asdfghjkl that is freaking awesome! Abdolutely stealing that one sometime in the future!

  3. ooh! where are you in toronto? I can help you find some polish places to hit up :)

    1. ah, replying too late, but i was downtown! and all around really, my uncle likes to drive everywhere ;)

  4. Looks great! Love the accent thumb... I see a new trend starting lol

  5. This is DING DANG AMAZING! I think everyone should wear a mermaid mani at least once since they don't wear a mermaid tail lol! I hope you are having a great vacation. I'm glad you're real mom is there with you so I don't have to worry but still BE CAREFUL and have fun both at the same time if possible!

  6. I love mermaids manis too, the thumb nail rules!

  7. Love the color combination! So very mermaid-y!

  8. I love the mermaid mani!! I'll have to try it soon :) Maybe a bit of purple would be cool!! :o I'm definitely gonna have to try that!!

  9. This is so nice :) I love tribute nails :)

  10. Oh I love what you did last year so I can't wait to see more of them this year! Very pretty color combo!