Thursday, April 26, 2012

tons of tape manis

[This post worries me a little - I won't have access to a computer on the day that this one is scheduled to post so if anything is wonky, I won't be able to fix it! I'm sorry in advance if there are any issues... Haha!]

Do you recall last week when me and all my best buds did water marble manis on the same day? Well this week, we decided to do tape manis!

I'm super proud of mine so I've got a ton of pictures of it for your viewing pleasure.

Tada! This mani took a lot of patience but I think the result is totally worth it!

To create these tiny, perfect stripes, I used striping tape!
You can get like 12 rolls of striping tape on eBay for less than 2 dollars.

There are two ways to use striping tape - you can actually use the tape itself in the mani, creating lines.
Or you can use the tape for relief patterns like this one, where you lay down the tape, paint over it, and remove it to reveal the pattern.

This is how my nails looked before I did the striping. I loved it like this too!
To create this look, I used the new plastic-wrap-sponging I'm seeing around but I used a tissue instead of saran wrap (because I was too lazy to go find some!)
Basically, what you do is paint your nails in one color and let it dry completely. I used Color Club Twiggie.
Then, you paint over it with your second color and quickly dab some of it off with plastic wrap or a tissue that you've rolled into a ball or just scrunched up in your hand. I used Color Club Warhol.
It will remove random sections of the top polish, revealing the base color! You dab around a few times until you're happy with the result.

Here's the various stages of this mani. Do you like how my striping tape matches the OPI cosmetic bag in the background of this photo? Haha!

Placing all the striping tape was time consuming but I just love the small stripes!
(The one larger stripe on my index finger totally hurts my OCD though. Heh.)
I used Color Club Where's The Soiree for the black layer.

I'm so stinkin' happy with how this turned out, and I can't wait to try more striping tape manis!


  1. Loved the mani and the explanation :)

  2. Love it!

    Btw I tagged you :D

  3. So pretty! I love using striping tape

  4. I love this one! Looks great! I'll have to try this!

  5. It looks fantastic, I really like it! :) And! I've got striping tape on the way in the mail. Yay!!

  6. Congratulations for the many strips, really original and amazing!

  7. This looks really great, both ways! Thanks for sharing...

  8. So pretty! P.S. Love your disclaimer in the beginning just in case something looks "wonky" haha! FYI - everything looks great!

  9. Love it!! Will add a taping mani of mine too :D

  10. This is great!! I would never be able to get the lines as straight as you did!! :)

  11. Freaking awesome! For the record I believe I'm the one who said to use striping tape for this mani!!!!!!!!!

  12. omgah, I LOVE!!!!
    Plastic wrap sponging? I learned something new today!!

  13. this reminds me of the movie beetlejuice lol

  14. O-M-G! I really like it without those stripes :D But I love it anyway.

    life is pink♥mfashionfreak

  15. This is just awesome, love it!

  16. this is great!!! : )

  17. It looks fantastic, I really like it... kiss :)

  18. i love this - the base is just brilliant xx

  19. I am completely obsessed with this mani! I will soooo be trying this! I used that color combo with Warhol and Twiggie to do a watermelon mani a little while ago! They are kinda perfect together :) I also haven't seen that technique with the saran wrap before... it's beautiful!

  20. ohh i love your tape mani¡¡ i love without the stripes to ^_^


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