Sunday, April 22, 2012

Color Club - Take Wing Collection - swatches and review

Hey everyone! Wow, I've had a busy day preparing things for my vacation tomorrow!
I'm almost done packing and I've almost got all my posts scheduled, and my nails are almost finished. That's a lot of "almost" - I've gotta start finishing things! Haha.
Before I finish my busy day, it's time for me to show you guys this pretty collection.

Here is the Take Wing Collection in all its glory. Aren't those colors just lovely? This is a great summer collection and I think everyone could use them in their polish stash.

In advance I'll tell you that they all take three thin coats to give the best color payoff, and they are some of the most sparkly glass-flecked shimmers ever!
Beware - when removing, the shimmer can get stuck all over your skin if you're not careful... The dreaded "shimmer herpes."
I can live with shimmer herpes for these amazing colors. I even like the yellow and orange. Did you read that correctly? I, Rebecca, like a yellow and even an orange.

Color Club - Wing Fling
Again, like my handmade labels? Haha!
Wing Fling is an amazing sparkling pink glassfleck polish. It's just yummy.
I would like to say "this is one of my favorites" but really they are all my favorites!

Color Club - Sparkle and Soar
Shut the front door - an orange I can get along with. Maybe it's because its so damn sparkly, but I actually enjoy this color and I think it would be especially great on toes!

Color Club - Daisy Does It
This yellow is so pretty, it's not even funny. Again, it sparkles like crazy and just gives off a sunny feeling. I love it. 

Color Club - Fly With Me
At first I didn't love this one, but it's grown on me! Again... Hard to resist the sparkles.

Color Club - Metamorphosis
Ah, a teal. Sparkly, pretty teal. Love it!
This one also shows off some duochrome!

It's slight, but it's there. This is gorgeous! But it does stain a little bit. I wore this for a few days and ended up a bit stained, and I had to use whitening toothpaste to get it off. But it did come off with the toothpaste. So it wasn't so bad.

Color Club - Sky High
This blue is a stunner.  The duochrome is stronger in this one than the last one, but I couldn't capture it on camera. I wore this one as an accent nail and I kept staring at it! One side would look purple, one side would look dark blue, and the middle would look bright blue. It was lovely!
The downside... it stains really badly. My poor thumbs are blue from wearing this for 3 days. And it wouldn't come off with the toothpaste. So sad. If I wear this again, I'd probably put a nude underneath to try to stop the staining.

Overall verdict: You need this collection.
They are all so beautiful and sparkly and fun to wear. 

I picked these up from Winners in sets of 2 for $7.99. Despite the price being higher than I'm used to, I'm stoked about these polishes.

So, starting tomorrow, you'll be getting scheduled posts from me and if I say so myself, I've scheduled some great ones! Tomorrow, I'll be showing you some art with three of the Take Wing colors. Check it out!

And I will see you guys when I get back from vacation. :)
(I'll still be reachable by email but I probably won't be answering comments until I return.)
Have a lovely week!


  1. wowee these are amaze! so sparkly :) x

  2. in love with Daisy Does It and Metamorphosis!! I love the pastel collection better though.. Oh my, I hope I can get Color Club in my town.. T_T

  3. I love this collection the yellow and blues are just gorgeous!

  4. wow! what a beautiful colors <3 where did u buy them?

    1. I got them at Winners in Canada but you can get them online at places like TransDesign or 8ty8beauty :)

  5. For the record I owned this entire set before you did! I love them all and they are my first and probably every entire collection from Color Club. You know how I am with collections I don't ever need them all. These are so gorgeous though and definitely a must have for summer!

  6. They look a lot like Revlon's scented line from last spring. Similar colors with glass fleck.

    1. the Revlon's were super super sheer! such a pity :(

  7. After seeing Laurie's marble and now your swatches... I definitely need these!!! They're gorgeous!!

  8. love them all! Look so good, except maybe the fly with me lol

  9. OMG shimmer herpes! LMAO!

    Yellow's definitely best here. Regular gold on your nails!

  10. i love sparkles! the orange and yellow are outstanding!

  11. These are all gorgeous. I really want these now. Hehe.

  12. Okay this will be the next set I buy! Thank you for a lovely post and have a wonderful vacation!

    <3 Shannon

  13. I'm so glad you swatched these, because I saw them at Rite Aid the other day and couldn't tell from the bottles whether I wanted any of them. I like metamorphosis, but I am really shy of polishes that stain.

  14. These are stunning. Maybe I will get lucky and find some around here soemtime!

  15. Metamorphosis is right up my alley. I love good shimmers! :)

  16. First things first, every time I read your "haha!" I imagine it being in a "ahh great success" like tone...or something like that lol. And have won my heart over with an orange too! I dispis yellow's and orange's but indeed, I DO need this collection! =D

  17. LMAO shimmer herpes. They look super bright and yummy :D

  18. Metamorphosis is so calling me :)

  19. Yup it's official. I need this collection. I'll be checking every Winners I can!

  20. woooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh they all are amazing! I want it :)

  21. I love your Color Club swatches! You are my go-to blog for anything Color Club! LOL