Saturday, April 7, 2012

piCture pOlish Opulence Range - Monroe

Hey everyone! I've got some great polishes to show you guys from piCture pOlish!
They so kindly sent me their brand new Opulence Range for review and I have a few other swatches coming up soon as well.

I'm going to start today with Monroe - a rich blood red jelly with holographic pigment in it!

piCture pOlish - Monroe
Like my fancy photo? Ha! I have a print of Marilyn Monroe in my bathroom so I figured it would make a nice backdrop for a photo of Monroe. A classic Hollywood icon, just as the bottle says!

This is probably the most beautiful shade of red that I've ever had on my nails. I put it on, with the intention of taking it off right away to swatch the others, but I ended up wearing it for a few hours because I just loved it!
My mom agreed, the deep red shade was very flattering on my skin which I usually find too pale for reds.

I adore the color! It's so weird for me to love a red but hey, this one is a beauty!
It takes three coats to get to this rich color but if you want it a little lighter, you can stop at 2 coats.

Here's an overexposed sunlight photo to show more of the holographic pigment.
There's no chunky glitter in the polish, just pigment, so the finish is perfectly smooth and glossy.

If you're looking for the perfect blood red shade, and you like your polishes with a bit o' sparkle, this is the one, ladies!

You can purchase Monroe from piCture pOlish's website by clicking here! It retails for $13.50 AUD.
Stay tuned in the next few days to see swatches of more great polishes from PP. 
While you're waiting, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Dare I say I'll be wearing this again soon? A red? I'm going crazy! (I still refuse to like orange.)

(WHY is the text at the end of my posts different from the rest?! 2 days in a row! It won't change, either!) 

Product sent for honest review.


  1. This is very lovely, and looks lovely with your skin tone! :D

  2. I love how dark it is, gorgeous! :)

  3. my! I NEED this polish!! and it looks awesome on you!
    hey, you have 2999 followers!!!!!!!

  4. This is really gorgeous. I've always loved the blood red polishes but I lilk that this has a bit of sparkle.

  5. That's a gorgeous red. Marilyn would have loved it. :)

  6. Great swatches Rebecca! This is the perfect color for me. As soon as I saw the very first swatch, it went on my lemming list and I've been talking about it non-stop. I have so many Marilyn Monroe things around my house and I love her (albeit she wasn't the most stable person in the world). Too bad this polish is way too pricey for my college budget right now. lol Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  7. That color looks great on you!

  8. I love this polish. And it does look really good with your skin tone. It seems like it would be pretty easy to franken if you have a blood red polish thinned to jelly consistency, and a little bit of fine holo glitter.