Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barry M - Bright Purple & Once Upon A Time

Good afternoon darlings! Today I'll be showing you two great polishes which were sent to me by the equally great Claudia at Nailing This!

Claudia sent me these pretty polishes in a spring swap and I love them!

Barry M - Bright Purple
I've often heard from other people about Barry M's wonderful formula but I was always super bummed with the formula of the ones I tried. Thankfully, I've finally learned what a good Barry M formula is like because this one is great!
It covers perfectly in two coats and doesn't require any foolin' around.
The color is super cute too.

Barry M - Once Upon A Time
This is a crazy sparkly bar glitter topcoat! It's packed with purple bar glitter and holo bar glitter and also some other small glitter. It's a really fun topper.

The glitter wasn't the easiest to spread around nicely but it was manageable.
I might be letting some of my other Barry M's go in an upcoming purge but these ones will stick around.

These two polishes work so well together! You sent me a great pair, Claude! Thank you :)


  1. wow! what a rich color..and i love the glitter top as well. sooo pretty! thanks for tthe review :)

  2. Wow those are so pretty!! I tried to get my hands on Once Upon a Time, but my swapper's stores are all out of stock :( Enjoy those beauties.

  3. I'm not crazy about the bar glitters, but the base colour is lovely :)

  4. I really need to get my mitts on some Barry m

    1. You will as soon as i get in to town next week lol

  5. Bright Purple is such a beautiful shade!!

  6. This isn't my favourite barry m but it does suit you. The bar glitter is nice but I would put on more coats :P I like to bulk them up :)

  7. I love this purple! :)

  8. Super pretty! I've never seen these before. I think I might need them!

  9. So pretty! I've never seen Once Upon A Time in shops, so I might have to order it online! I love Barry M polishes :)

  10. looks gorgeous! I love Barry M! You should invest in the nail effect foils, the gold and silver, look amazing!

  11. I am in loooooove with 'Once upon a time', godddddd

  12. super cute! I can't see enough of this stringy glitters :)

  13. You are very welcome sweetheart, I'm so glad you're enjoying those!

  14. This looks insanely good on you. I don't have any Barry M. I think I need to change this immediately!


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