Tuesday, April 24, 2012

as seen on... Chalkboard Nails

Bonjour! Today's scheduled post is probably my favorite out of all the ones I've got planned this week, because I love the nails and I love the girl behind them.

I'm sure you all know Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. If you don't, you must be living under a nail-art-rock because she is insanely popular nowadays!
I'm pretty lucky because Sarah is my homegirl.
Even though our timezones are 5.5 hours apart, we still find time to chat every day and we're pretty much in love, I think. We also like to make fun of each other. It's a pretty good relationship.

Of course I had to recreate one of Sarah's manis, or else she'd probably think she's too good for me. And we can't have that.

Not only did I recreate her nails but I've stolen her hand poses and her watermark. Take that!

I get a kick out of these photos. Plus the nails are totally badass!

A little while ago, Sarah did these nails for a collaboration with the blog What I Wore. I love them a whooooole lot. Enough to spend an hour doing the four striped nails. (I did both hands!)

This is the mani I chose to wear on my vacation so I'm still wearing this as we speak! Hopefully it will last me through most of my trip. (Don't worry, I packed my Nail Envy and Seche Vite for a mid-vacation mani change with some new polish I will surely buy!)

The base color of the leopard nails is Sephora by OPI - XOX Betsey.
The center of the leopard dots is Color Club - Love 'Em Leave 'Em.
For the white, I used Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White and the black is Essence - Black is Back.
I did the leopard print with a dotting tool.

I've found lately that the Essence polish works nicely for nail art because it doesn't dry as quickly when you're using it for dots and stuff and it isn't so much of a nightmare to clean up!

I used striping tape for the stripes, painting white first, and then adding the tape and painting over it before removing the tape. The thumbs came out perfectly but sadly I had some issues with the ring fingers.
Nobody bats 1000, right?

Tada! I'm in love with this mani and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a ton of compliments on it.

Thank you Sarah for the great idea and thanks for bein' my bestie. 


  1. WOW i love this!! looks amazing! really beautiful

  2. This is gorgeous! Love the mix and match and the colors you used. :)

  3. beautiful!!! love this look!!! I'm going to recreate the look but I think I'm going to use other colors =)

  4. I've loved this mani for quite a while now. Nice job bringin it back!

  5. Damn I'm loving those nails! :D They ROCK!

  6. I loved this when Sarah first did it and you did a pretty awesome recreation!

  7. That's amazing! The stripes really help break up the leopard print and create a really interesting look!

  8. Ha ha! I love that you even mimicked her photos. That's awesome. And you're right, it is a pretty bad ass mani!

  9. I loved this mani the first time I saw it on her blog!! It's so cool that you recreated it! :D I may do this too :) And even the photos looks like hers..haha, that's awesome =))

  10. LOL you silly billy. Love the hand poses, wherever did you learn them? And the watermark! SO CHIC!

    In all seriousness though, you did a great job on these and I totally love them. <3 B-face.

  11. Loooove! <3 So Trendy! I wish I could do free hand Animal Prints. Must Practice more! T_T;;;

  12. Ha! Love it, I remember seeing this on Sarah's blog not too long ago and this looks great on you too!

  13. this is awesome - i adore her version and actually until i read you write about stealing her hand poses and her watermark i had just glanced your photos thinking they were hers you were using as reference!
    so you did a pretty perfect job recreating it!
    im actually smack in the middle of recreating this same look for a homage challenge i'm apart of! weird coincidence!!

  14. Beautiful! Awesome job recreating her version!

  15. awesome!!! did you use photoshop for the watermarking?

    1. i use paint.net which is a free photo editing program you can download

  16. I loved it when Sarah did it and I love your version. Extra points for you copying her hand poses and watermark hahaha.

  17. These are super cute, I'm not sure who's mani I like better. Perhaps I'll copy, lol. I can't get enough leopard print mani's!! I'm in love!!

  18. Love this one you as much as I did on Sarah!

  19. this is my favorite mani ever!! When I saw in Sarah's blog I almost fainted!! you did a great job!! this is in my to do list - someday ill try it too!!