Thursday, April 5, 2012

water marble bandwagon

The water marble bandwagon has been driving around a lot lately. I have been seeing SO MANY awesome water marbles on blogs recently, it's insane.
My friend Jodi @ Captivating Claws does one every week! And The Nail Network pretty much killed me with her two recent successes. And there's way more I can't begin to mention.

So of course, I had to hop on the bandwagon. But I don't think I quite made it on because this is not as awesome as I envisioned it being in my head! It went well, but not amazingly well.

Tada! To create this marbled look, I used three of my favorite Zoya colors - Elodie, Audrina and Lo from the Gossip Collection. 
I didn't end up with a lot of marbling on each nail because I like to dip several nails at a time to conserve polish.
I think the next time I marble, I'm going to do it in a shot glass, so I can use less polish but still get a bunch of swirls! Hopefully that's how it will work, anyway.

I especially loved the way my ring finger turned out! And these colors just look so cute together.
I used one coat of Lo as my base color to make the colors really pop.

My poor thumb got practically nothing! Hahaha. Oh well.

I've marbled a few times before and I always feel like I don't do as well as I should. Next time I try it, I am going to seriously rock it. Because I'm convinced I can do it!

One last picture to show you... I was too lazy to marble my right hand so I just wore a solid color.

This is Zoya - Lo again, but with a coat of CND - Violet Shimmer. These two look so awesome together!
It looked so cool I even had to show you my right hand which does not like to pose for pictures at all.
And you can see I even somehow dented 2 nails which is something I almost never do.
Right hand hates me. But that combo was too cute not to show off! I think I'll wear it on my toes a lot this summer because it is so vibrant and cheerful!

Okay, there you have my awkward right hand and my semi-successful marble.
Have you guys been marbling lately? Know of any awesome combos I should try?


  1. this is one of the best water marbles I have ever seen! It looks super cute :) makes me want to try it now.. x

  2. Your ring finger looks awesome! I cannot get water marbling down for the life of me! Everytime I try it is just a painful experience lol
    I also really like your combo on your right hand. Looks awesome!

  3. Congratulations, the nails are amazing! The first and only time I've tried to make marble nails, the final result was so catrastophic that I never tried again.

  4. You just taught me the word "bandwagon"! Thanx for that (I'm French, teaching english!)

    Amazing WM, I just need to hop on the bandwagon and do one myself!

    1. oh wow! i'm glad to have taught you something. i speak french as well!

  5. I love the colors you picked, they look great together! Using a shot glass is a great idea too! I'm going to have to try that next time!

  6. Beautiful! The colours go sooo well together!

  7. hey smashley sparkles and i do our weekly wm on wed. if you and jodi want to join, we could make a big group. this looks great though.

  8. :oD It's still pretty!!! Love the colors - I'd like to see you do a water marble with the same colors as your blog background!!!

  9. It turned out great! It's a very fun combo of colors. Obviously everyone wears their polish at different rates and nail length varies, but I wouldn't worry about using up the polish. I'm actively *trying* to use up a 5ml container and 10+ coats in, I still have almost half a bottle left.

  10. so pretty! I love these colors together and the CND effect is cool!

  11. Looks fantastic! I love the color combo you chose, very girly!

  12. Great job!! I'm really loving your ring finger.. My latest Easter marble is full of bubbles.. ugh!!

  13. great marbling! way better than mine!

  14. An impressive marble water. I'm still learning the art :)
    Greetings from Spain~