Friday, April 20, 2012

Born Pretty Magnetic Polish Review!

Good morning everyone! I hope your mornings are going as well as mine - I just did my second last final exam and it took only 19 minutes to do. Haha! (It was only 40 multiple choice.)
I've got one more exam tonight (also multiple choice) and then I am done until September!
I couldn't be more excited.

Today I'm gonna show you a really cool magnetic polish from Born Pretty Store!

Magnetic polish is very trendy these days so of course Born Pretty has them because they have all your nail art needs!

Born Pretty - Magnetic Polish NL0001
This is a nice deep red magnetic polish with really pretty blue shimmer in it!

If you're not yet familiar with magnetic polish, all you have to do is hold a magnet over the polish while it is wet and the particles in the polish will align to create patterns.
As you can see, it reacts well to the magnet and the magnet is strong. The formula was easy to work with.
You can choose a straight, diagonal, or star shaped magnet.

I liked how easily you can see the pattern, and the blue shimmer!

I tried this polish with one of my other magnets - the wavy one from Icing!

The wavy magnet really gives a cool look!

There are tons of colors of magnetic polish to try from Born Pretty. Click here to see the whole selection.
I think I might try the green one next!

And don't forget, you can get 10% off any purchase at Born Pretty with my code: R10X31

This is probably my favorite of the magnetics I have tried so far! 
Have you guys tried magnetic polish yet? What do you think?

Product provided for honest review.


  1. Hey =) I have tried the mangenitc polishes from Kiko and the magnet wasn't really kick ass. I'd need something stronger I guess!

    This shade is nice! Let's see the others!

    Good luck on your exam!

  2. Im not crazy about magnetic polish. For the money you spend on it and the magnet you could buy regular polish and do some kick ass nail art.

  3. I have yet to buy a magnetic polish. I'm just not thrilled by them, I don't know why lol
    Good luck on your final exam tonight!!!

  4. I love magnetic polish but this one isn't doing it for me. I desperately need to get a dark green one though so maybe I will check it out!

  5. This turned out really nice! Thank you for reviewing it because I've been eyeing these polishes on their website, but as I have never tried magnetic polishes, I wasn't sure where the best place to get them would be. This looks and sounds like it does a great job!

  6. good luck with your last bit of school! you'll rock it! this is an awesome polish! lovely color and the magnet is so cool!

  7. Thats a really pretty color. I just bought the star magnet from there to use with the magnetic polishes I already have, but I may pick up a few colors from Born Pretty.

  8. I'm not on the magnetic nail polish trend either. This one looks pretty on you though :)

  9. I purchased one a few months back from Nabi, I think. I just wasn't really a fan. Mine was a Dark Red. The magnet was built in to the polish cap and it made it kind of a pain to use. The pattern didn't show up that well either. It will take a lot of convincing or the right color for me to buy another one. Lol.

  10. I love the blue shimmer in that!

  11. I'm way into the magnetics now and have been craving a different magnet so I may give this a try. I do wonder about one thing though, why did they make the bottle look like it was going to be a crackle?

    1. i wondered that myself! when i chose this, these were the only bottles available, but now it seems they sell the same polishes in other bottles as well (with different numbers for each one)

  12. Wow, you end school so quickly! I still have one more month to go :p Btw, this is really pretty!

  13. I just picked up a magentic polish from Essence because it was super cheap. I haven't worn it yet, but when I tried it on one of my swatch wheels, I could tell it's going to take some practice to get right. I am impressed by the range of colors they have here, since I haven't seen such a big variance.