Saturday, April 21, 2012

Color Club - Blossoming Collection - swatches and review

Hey everyone! Good news, I'm all done exams and they went amazingly well! Now I'm free until September. I'm so excited!

Guess who's got another Color Club collection to show you lovely people? That's right, me. Because I buy all the Color Club.

This is the Color Club Blossoming Collection.
I actually won two of these in Color Club's Valentine's Day contest! You can tell which ones because they've got the salon tops and not the smaller ones.
The others, I found at Winners, in sets of two for $7.99. That's way more than I like to pay for these collections because normally you get the whole thing for $13.99 but I have a feeling those sets won't be showing up this time around.

This collection has 5 nice creme pastel shades and a cool topcoat that's made of holographic shards.
This post is gonna be picture-heavy so click to keep reading.


Color Club - Blushing Rose
Do you like my handmade labels? Hah!
This is a night light pink creme polish, the formula is a bit thin but it covers well in 3 coats and levels easily.
My only issue with this color is that Color Club puts out way too many light pink cremes. Get A Clue... Vintage Couture... I Believe In Amour...
Too many.

Color Club - Diamond Drops
This unique topcoat gives a cool look over these light pastel colors, and I'm sure it would rock over dark colors too! I'm a big fan of this. I like the shards, though it can be a little difficult to get even coverage on your nail.
I'm gonna show this over all the colors because I really love it. Haha!

Color Club - Sweetpea
This is a really lovely dusty pink creme, and this one is actually pretty unique, I don't think I have anything else like it!
The formula on this one is lovely and covers great in 2 coats. My mom and my aunt were watching me swatch this collection and they both loved this color! I love it, too.

And here it is with Diamond Drops.

Color Club - Lavendarling
Pretty dusty purple creme, not the most original but always a pleasing shade! This one covers in 2 coats as well.

And here it is with Diamond Drops. I love the look of the shards in the last picture. They do sparkle very nicely in person.

Color Club - Hydrangea Kiss
A nice dusty blue creme. Don't think I've got anything quite the same. 2 coats!

And again with Diamond Drops. You may remember some of the colors from Backstage Pass had these shards in them. I'm glad they released a shade with just shards because like I said, I dig the look!

Color Club - Blue-Ming
Nice shade, but it ain't blue! Haha. This is a super bright and clean minty turquoise. I don't think I have any dupes but it is definitely in the same vein as all the usual minty turquoises. I think this one is a touch brighter.
You need 3 coats to level this one out fully but the formula is easy to work with.

This one looks great with Diamond Drops! I think this is my favorite combo.

Overall, I adore these colors, which is expected from me because of my love for pastels.
My favorites are Sweetpea and Blue-Ming but I really love them all! And of course, Diamond Drops is a big winner for me. This is a nice addiction to my massive CCC (Color Club Collection!) Hahaha.

Guess what? I've got another Color Club collection to post tomorrow. The newest one. And it is beautiful. Keep an eye out for that!


  1. Oh I love Blue-ming!!! gorgeous color!!

  2. They are so amazing! I really love the first one I think it's my favorite. But they all look so good on your nails! You have great nails :)

    vivo make-up♥mfashionfreak

  3. very very pretty collection and swatch

  4. First off, congratulations on completing your exams and doing well! What are your plans for the summer?

    Now... on the this lovely collection. I don't think I own any Color Club, but these are lovely. I have a thing for pastels. So soft and feminine. Plus I find the lighter colours easier to apply for some reason. I don't go to Winners very often, but I think I'm going to need to pop by a few times to see if I can find any of these. Thank you for the review and the gorgeous swatches. They are much appreciated!

    1. i haven't got many plans... going to toronto tomorrow and montreal in may, but no other big plans. thanks for asking!
      and yes, definitely pop by winners more often because they often have great polish deals!

  5. I'm on for Sweetpea and Lavendarling ;) Congrats for finishing your exams, enjoy your freedom *envy*

  6. Why why why did I make that "no buy" promise to my hubby??? So wanting these!!

  7. I need hydrangea-kiss and blue-ming! Gorgeouss colours!

  8. gorgeous swatches! i love blue ming. perfect for summer =)

  9. They are nice, but nothing special...Only the glitter is beautiful !!

  10. I LOVE Lavendarling and Hydrangeakiss. I have never used Color Club! Is it long lasting?

    1. i find some of their polishes get tipwear faster but for the most part, yes!

  11. Well you know I'm not much of a pastel fan but I actually like these. Not so much the holo shards though lol. Hydrangea Kiss and Blue Ming are my faves!

  12. these are all so pretty! i love them

  13. this is a beautiful collection!

  14. These are all so lovely! I really like Lavendarling and Hydrangea Kiss.

    I just picked up the Take Wing collection from Winner's. Same thing, sets of 2 for 7.99. I did notice though that the older sets had gone up to 14.99 when they were only 12.99 when I bought several in March. Still cheap but I don't like the jump.

  15. love love loveee all of 'em esp Sweetpea and Hyndragea Kiss!!

  16. This is a gorgeous collection. Loving all these pastels and Diamond Drops is an awesome top coat!

  17. I am totally and absolutely in love with this collection! Everyone of it's polish even the glitter one! Ahhhh I MUST buy!!!!

  18. These colors aren't overly unique but I love them all anyway! These are my favorite types of colors for creams and they look so pretty with the topcoat! Hopefully I'll be able to find this at Ross one of these days. Your pics are great!