Thursday, April 12, 2012

piCture pOlish - Denim

I don't like the word denim. Would you like to know why?
Every single time I try to type it, I write "demin" first. Demin. Every time.

Despite my demin problems, I adore this polish named Denim!

piCture pOlish - Denim
This cool blue polish is a super unique, super pretty shimmer shade with flakies!
I will warn you, my skin tone in these photos is laughable - I did a lot of swatching in the same day and I think by the end my camera just didn't want to see my fingers anymore.
The polish looks accurate in the photos so pay attention to that and not my skin!

This photo and the two that follow are more accurate to the true color of Denim. It's definitely a cool purple-toned blue.
The shimmer in the polish as you can see is bright and glowing, and then you've got the subtle flakies mixed in as well. It's awesome!

It shimmers like crazy and is super glossy on its own. It covers great in just 2 coats and the formula gives no issues.
I think one of the things piCture pOlish was going for with this shade was to make it a cool, comfortable shade that is not too distracting but still looks great - just like your favorite pair of jeans!

This polish delights me! If you're getting yourself some polishes from PP, this is a must-have.
I hope you enjoyed my pictures despite my weirdly colored skin. Haha!

Girls, I have got SO many swatches built up to show you! Maybe I'll do some spam posts with a bunch of polishes just to start clearing out my swatch folder.
I promise that once my semester is over, I'll have way more time for nail art!
My exams start on Saturday morning (yes, really, Saturday morning exam) and then end on the 20th.
I can't wait to be done with school until September! I'll have way more blog time. Gotta love summer break!


  1. I am loving this swatch, thanks for putting it up! I have been looking for a nice denim, I may have to go grab this one.

  2. Ooooh I really like this one! I may have to get it!

  3. This is a great polish and looks awesome on you. :)
    Good luck on all your exams!
    I have to head back to school this summer from co-op lol

  4. I write demin too! :D
    I really like the polish - those glass flecks are amazing. :)

  5. Beautiful color. :) Good luck to you on your exams!

  6. this is a beautiful color, bex! <3 it!

  7. Reminds me of denim for sure. Good luck with exams.

  8. That polish looks gorgeous. I love the flakies!

  9. This was one of my lemmings by piCture pOlish and now I have the luck to own it. It's a beautiful and very different nail polish! I love it ^__^

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