Wednesday, April 25, 2012

as seen on... Candy Coated Tips

Hey guys! My scheduled posts keep on truckin' along, wowing you with my recreation skills I'm sure. ;)

Today I'm showing you a crazy skittles mani from my friend Jacquese at Candy Coated Tips.
In February she did a crazy mani with a bunch of colors she had just received. I had all the same colors, and adored the combo, so I went for it too!

This is such a fun type of mani to wear and all the colors go so well together!
I added some dots to the thumb because I was impatient while waiting for the other nails to dry before I could add the shatter.

Here's all the colors used to create this look:
OPI - Fly (base of index and small dots)
OPI - Dit It On 'Em (base of thumb and ring)
OPI - Absolutely Alice (middle)
OPI - Turquoise Shatter (ring)
China Glaze - For Audrey (pinky and large dots)
China Glaze - Crushed Candy (index)

Crushed Candy didn't crackle very well. I think it needs some polish thinner.

I adored Turquoise Shatter over Did It On 'Em! I'll be wearing that as a full mani soon.

I should do skittles more often. I think I'll be doing a similar mani in pink and purple!
Thanks for the great combo idea, Jacquese!


  1. Very cool mani! I love skittles.
    I totally want to do something similar now

  2. Love this!! The colors look amazing together. I especially love the thumb.

  3. Love the colours! This is so much fun. I love skittles manis. :)

  4. I loved it when she did it and I love your replication too. Great job!

  5. this is so fun - i love the colors you chose

  6. This is super fun! I love the color combinations!

  7. Oh wow that's gorgeous! It's so crazy but still matches :)

  8. I am becoming more and more obsessed with using a dotting tool. It is such a simple way to jazz up any manicure. I am also really enjoying skittle manis, it seems that one color is to plain now a days. :-)

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